Winter Weather Advisory for Kenora and Lake of the Woods: Navigating Snow and Cold

Weather Update - snow plow

Kenora – WEATHER – Kenora and the Lake of the Woods area are currently under a winter weather travel advisory, signalling challenging conditions for residents and travelers alike.

Early this morning, the region is experiencing light snow accompanied by blowing snow.

Early Morning Weather Update

As of 6:10 AM, the temperature stands at a frosty -15°C, with north-northeast winds at 22 km/h gusting to 35 km/h adding to the chill.

The barometric pressure reads 100.3 kPa and is on the rise, indicating changing weather patterns. With humidity at 84%, the air feels particularly cold, and the wind chill factor plunges the perceived temperature to -24°C.

Today’s Forecast: Snow and Blowing Snow

Today, Kenora and the Lake of the Woods area can expect continued snowfall, with accumulations of 5 to 10 cm expected.

The blowing snow, caused by north winds reaching speeds of 30 km/h and gusts up to 50 km/h, will significantly reduce visibility and make travel difficult.

Temperatures will drop slightly to -16°C and then hold steady, with wind chills hovering near -27°C, increasing the risk of frostbite for anyone exposed to the elements.

Tonight: A Clearing Sky

The snow is expected to taper off this evening, leading to clearing skies. However, local blowing snow may persist into the night.

Winds will decrease to 20 km/h, gusting to 40 km/h, before becoming light by morning. The overnight low will plummet to -26°C, with wind chills making it feel as cold as -36°C, posing a continued risk of frostbite.

Outlook for Wednesday and Beyond

Wednesday will bring sunshine to the region, with northwest winds picking up to 20 km/h in the late afternoon. The high is anticipated to reach -15°C, but the wind chill in the morning could feel as cold as -36°C, warming slightly to -24°C in the afternoon.

The night promises clear skies with lows maintaining at -26°C. Thursday’s forecast introduces cloudiness and a 30 percent chance of flurries, with temperatures rising to a high of -7°C and lows at night matching the daytime high.

Winter Weather Advisory Details

The advisory highlights the immediate hazards of 5 to 10 cm of snowfall and reduced visibility due to heavy snow and local blowing snow.

With the snow expected to ease by this evening, the advisory serves as a reminder of the quickly changing and potentially deteriorating travel conditions in the area.

Travel Safety Tips

Residents and visitors are advised to stay informed about road conditions through the Ministry of Transportation’s resources and to prepare for winter travel by ensuring their vehicles are equipped for snowy and icy conditions.

Reducing speed, maintaining a safe following distance, and using lights to improve visibility are crucial steps in navigating the snowy roads safely.

Weather Trivia: Kenora’s Winter Wonderland

Kenora and the Lake of the Woods region, renowned for their stunning natural beauty, become a true winter wonderland during snowfall events. The area’s climate, influenced by the vast expanse of Lake of the Woods, can lead to significant snowfall, showcasing the resilience and preparedness of the communities within this picturesque landscape.

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