UPDATE – Highway 17 Re-Opened Between Dryden and Vermilion Bay

Highway closure

DRYDEN – NEWS – Highway 17 as of 12:45 pm CST has been re-opened between Dryden and Vermilion Bay.

The closure is due to road conditions.

Up to 25 cm of snow forecasted for Northwestern Ontario, creating hazardous travel conditions with reduced visibility and heavy snow.

The NetNewsLedger Weather Desk warns of an impending significant snowfall event sweeping through Northwestern Ontario, driven by a potent low pressure system. This weather event, starting early this morning and continuing into Wednesday, is anticipated to bring considerable snowfall and potentially hazardous travel conditions to the region.

The forecast predicts total snowfall accumulations ranging from 15 to 20 cm, with the possibility of reaching up to 25 cm in localized areas. Snowfall rates could intensify to 3 to 5 cm per hour, drastically reducing visibility due to heavy snow and blowing snow.

Snow is expected to initiate near the U.S. border early this morning, expanding northeastward throughout the day. The snowfall intensity is forecasted to diminish tonight for areas close to the U.S. border, but will persist into Wednesday for regions further northeast.

This significant snowfall, associated with a strong low pressure system, will impact the area today through Wednesday. Travel conditions are expected to become hazardous, with significantly reduced visibility in heavy snow and blowing snow making travel difficult. Motorists and pedestrians alike should be prepared for rapidly accumulating snow that will challenge navigation on highways, roads, walkways, and parking lots.

Residents and travelers in Northwestern Ontario are advised to take necessary precautions: adjust travel plans, stay informed on weather updates, and prepare for quickly changing and deteriorating travel conditions. If travel is unavoidable, ensure your vehicle is equipped for winter conditions, turn on your lights for increased visibility, and maintain a safe following distance. Stay tuned to the NetNewsLedger Weather Desk for the latest updates and advisories on this winter weather event.

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