Snowfall Alert for Northwestern Ontario: Fort Frances to Vermilion Bay

snowfall warning

Significant Snow Accumulation and Travel Disruptions Expected Tuesday

Snowfall warning for Fort Frances, Rainy Lake, Vermilion Bay, Dryden, Ignace, including Highways 11 and 17, with heavy snow and travel advisories

A significant snowfall warning is now in effect across a broader region of Northwestern Ontario, encompassing areas from Fort Frances and Rainy Lake through to Vermilion Bay, Dryden, and Ignace, including major travel routes along Highway 11 and Highway 17.

Residents and travellers in these areas can expect a considerable snowfall event on Tuesday.

Expected Conditions:

  • Snowfall Accumulations: Anticipated total snowfall accumulations range from 15 to 20 centimetres across the warned areas, with the potential for localized spots to experience up to 25 centimetres of snow.
  • Visibility Hazards: The combination of heavy snow and blowing snow will significantly reduce visibility, creating hazardous travel conditions.
  • Timing: The snowfall is expected to initiate early Tuesday morning near the U.S. border and will progress northeastward throughout the day. Conditions are forecasted to improve late Tuesday night as the snow begins to taper off.

Impact and Precautions:

The incoming weather system, driven by a strong low pressure, is set to bring heavy snowfall across the region, impacting visibility and making travel particularly challenging.

The areas extending from Fort Frances to Vermilion Bay, including Dryden, Ignace, and along Highways 11 and 17, are advised to prepare for quickly changing and deteriorating travel conditions.

Travelers should anticipate difficult driving conditions as rapidly accumulating snow could significantly hinder visibility without warning. Residents and visitors in the affected regions are urged to monitor weather updates and consider postponing non-essential travel until conditions improve.

Stay informed on the latest weather advisories and plan accordingly to ensure safety during this significant snowfall event.

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