Kenora and Surrounding Areas Face Heavy Snowfall: Weather Advisory Continues

Winter Weather Alert Yellow

Swift Weather Changes Predicted; Motorists Advised Caution

Weather Update for Kenora, Grassy Narrows, and Whitedog

As of early Monday morning, February 26, 2024, residents in Kenora, Grassy Narrows, and Whitedog are alerted to continue caution as a weather advisory remains in effect.

With temperatures at -10°C under partly cloudy skies at 6:00 AM CST, the day ahead promises significant weather shifts.

Current Conditions

  • Temperature: -10°C with a wind chill making it feel like -17°C.
  • Atmospheric Pressure: The barometer shows 100.4 kPa and is on a downward trend, indicating changing weather patterns.
  • Wind: SSE winds at 19 km/h, with gusts expected to increase.

Today’s Forecast

  • Snowfall: Heavy snow ending late this morning, followed by cloudy skies. Accumulations of 5 to 10 cm are expected.
  • Wind Shift: Winds shifting to the south at 30 km/h, gusting to 50, but becoming lighter in the afternoon. The temperature is set to reach a high of +5°C, with morning wind chill factors at -18°C.

Looking Ahead

  • Tonight: Cloudy with a 60% chance of flurries. Winds turning north at 30 km/h, gusting to 50, with temperatures dropping to -16°C and wind chill reaching -24°C overnight.
  • Tuesday: Steady snowfall with an additional 5 cm expected. Wind chill values near -30°C pose a risk of frostbite.
  • Wednesday: A shift towards sunny skies with a high of -14°C, leading into a clear night with lows around -22°C.

Travel Advisory and Safety Measures

With the winter weather travel advisory in effect, those in Kenora and the surrounding areas should prepare for hazardous driving conditions due to heavy snow and reduced visibility. Key precautions include:

  • Adjust Travel Plans: Evaluate the necessity of travel and stay updated on road conditions.
  • Visibility Concerns: In case of reduced visibility, slow down and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles.
  • Stay Informed: For the latest in road conditions and travel information, visit, follow @511Ontario on Twitter, or dial 5-1-1.

Residents are encouraged to take this advisory seriously, adjusting plans and preparing for the swift changes in weather conditions to ensure safety during this period of heavy snowfall and fluctuating temperatures.

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