Winter Weather Alert: Alberta Clipper to Bring Snow, Freezing Rain, and Bitter Cold to Prairie Provinces


Understanding Alberta Clippers: A Primer

An “Alberta Clipper” is a fast-moving low-pressure weather system originating from Alberta. Characterized by its rapid pace, it sweeps across the central plains, bringing with it a swath of snow, strong winds, and often a significant drop in temperature.

These systems are noted for their ability to drastically change the weather in a short period, from mild conditions to severe winter weather.

Winnipeg and Prairies Brace for Winter Blast

Residents in Southern and Central Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and specifically the City of Winnipeg, are on alert as an Alberta Clipper system makes its way eastward. The system is expected to usher in a new wave of winter weather along the Trans-Canada Highway and surrounding areas early next week, following an unusually mild February.

From Mild to Wild: The Weather Shift Ahead

The NNL Weather Desk anticipates the Clipper’s development on Sunday night, progressing across the Prairies by Monday. While heavier snowfall is predicted to miss southern regions of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, a wintry mix, including potential freezing rain, looms for Sunday night into Monday morning.

This shift marks an end to the recent spell of mild weather, transitioning to more typical winter conditions.

After the Clipper: A Deep Freeze on the Horizon

The passage of the Clipper will bring more than just snow; expect a dramatic fall in temperatures, with strong northerly winds reaching up to 70 km/h.

This will result in morning lows around -20 degrees Celsius by Tuesday, with wind chill values plummeting to between -30 and -35 degrees. This bitter cold is forecasted to persist for a few days, eventually moderating later in the week.

As this weather event draws nearer, residents are advised to stay updated with additional warnings and advisories that may be issued, ensuring safety and preparedness during this significant shift in weather conditions.

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