Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba Brace for Winter Weather Shift with Alberta Clipper on the Horizon


Current Weather Conditions: Chilly Mornings with Gusts in Winnipeg

WINNIPEG – WEATHER – As of early Saturday morning, Winnipeg sits at -6°C under mainly clear skies, with a falling barometer reading at 100.2 kPa and humidity at 85%.

South winds gusting from 36 to 48 km/h create a wind chill feeling of -15°C, setting the stage for a colder week ahead.

This Week’s Weather Transition: From Mild to Winter Blast

The unseasonably mild February weather is expected to shift dramatically early next week. An intense Alberta Clipper system, moving quickly from the west, is forecasted to cross the Prairies by Monday, transitioning the region into active winter weather.

Southern Saskatchewan and most of southern Manitoba are anticipated to escape the heaviest snow, but a wintry mix, including potential freezing rain, looms for Sunday night into Monday.

Alberta Clipper: A Pending Winter Mix for Southern Manitoba

The Alberta Clipper, characterized by its swift movement and potential for rapid weather changes, will bring more than just snow. Following its passage, daytime temperatures on Monday will initially be above freezing, but will then rapidly plummet.

Strong northerly winds, gusting up to 70 km/h, will emerge, causing temperatures to dive towards -20°C by Tuesday morning, with wind chill values even colder, ranging from -30 to -35°C. This bitter cold is expected to persist for several days before moderating.

Post-Clipper Forecast: Plunging Temperatures and Snow Ahead

After a sunny start today, with a high of +5°C and wind chills as low as -16°C, Winnipeg and the surrounding areas should prepare for a varied weather pattern. Flurries are possible tonight, with a low of -10°C and wind chills around -18°C.

The weather will continue to fluctuate, with Sunday bringing a mix of sun and cloud and a high of -3°C.

Snow is expected Sunday night into Monday, with the week progressing into colder temperatures and more snow, culminating in a clear but frigid Tuesday night with lows reaching -28°C.

Residents are advised to stay updated with further weather advisories and prepare for the incoming Alberta Clipper’s impact, including potential disruptions and the necessity for cold-weather precautions.

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