Northern Communities Weather Update: Bracing for a Cold and Flurry-Filled Weekend

North Star Air - Logan Baird, First Officer, Pilatus PC12
North Star Air - Logan Baird, First Officer, Pilatus PC12

Residents in Ki, Bearskin Lake, Sachigo Lake, Sandy Lake, and Kasabonika Lake face a chilly forecast with significant wind chills

Today’s Outlook

The day begins with a mix of sun and cloud, transitioning to sunny skies as the morning progresses. Northwest winds at 20 km/h, gusting to 40, will become lighter by late afternoon. Highs are expected to reach -13°C, but wind chills in the morning could plummet to -41°C, warming slightly to -20°C in the afternoon. The frostbite risk is imminent, with exposed skin at risk within minutes. The UV index remains low at 1.


Clear skies initially, with clouds rolling in around midnight. Winds shift to the southwest at 30 km/h towards late evening, bringing the low to -15°C and wind chills around -26°C.

Saturday’s Changes

The weekend starts cloudy with a 60% chance of flurries. Southwest winds continue at 30 km/h, with temperatures rising to a high of -2°C. Morning wind chills are expected at -22°C, improving to -8°C in the afternoon.

Saturday Night to Sunday

Continued cloudiness into Saturday night, maintaining a 60% chance of flurries and windy conditions. The low will drop to -22°C. Sunday sees a mix of sun and cloud with a high of -14°C, leading into a clear night with lows reaching -20°C.

Preparation is Key: With the forecast indicating severe wind chills and fluctuating temperatures, residents are urged to take proactive measures. Check on Elders to ensure they are warm and have what they need. Ensure adequate home heating, wear appropriate outdoor clothing, and stay updated on weather advisories.

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