Group Voice: A New Digital Haven for Peer Support in Thunder Bay

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In an inspiring move to strengthen community support within Thunder Bay, Clint Harris has introduced Group Voice, a pioneering online platform designed for individuals seeking companionship and understanding amidst their struggles with mental health, substance use, and other personal challenges. This virtual sanctuary offers a space for anonymous sharing, connection, and mutual support, embodying the spirit of collective healing and resilience.

Clint Harris
Clint Harris

“Group Voice was born from my personal battles with mental health issues and the profound solace I found in support groups,” shares Clint Harris, the visionary behind Group Voice. “Understanding the transformative power of shared experiences, I was motivated to create a platform that extends this support to a wider audience, offering a beacon of hope to those feeling isolated in their journey.”

The conception of Group Voice is rooted in Harris’s own path to recovery, where he discovered the unmatched impact of group therapy. Recognizing the barriers that prevent many from seeking help—whether they be mental, physical, or financial—Harris aspires to make support accessible to all, regardless of their situation.

Drawing on insights gained from interactions with local organizations and visits to community encampments, Harris has meticulously crafted Group Voice to address the unmet needs of Thunder Bay’s residents. This initiative aims to bridge the gap in available support services, fostering an environment of empathy, solidarity, and unconditional acceptance.

Group Voice’s commitment to community empowerment is further enriched by collaborations with local leaders and advocates, such as Shy-Anne Hovorka, a revered singer, teacher, and champion for Indigenous youth. Through such partnerships, Group Voice seeks to extend its reach, ensuring that support is within grasp for everyone in need.

Looking ahead, Harris envisions Group Voice evolving into a community-funded platform, capable of not only connecting individuals to peer support but also facilitating access to professional mental health services and essential resources. This ambitious goal reflects a broader vision for societal healing and the cultivation of a supportive, inclusive community ethos.

Available to all and completely anonymous, Group Voice operates on the goodwill and volunteerism of its participants, embodying the collective desire to uplift and assist one another through life’s challenges.

For more details and to join this burgeoning community of support, visit, and take a step towards finding your group voice in the chorus of shared human experience.

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