Trendy Sunglasses: Canada’s Next Big Fashion Moment

Trendy Sunglasses: Canada's Next Big Fashion Moment
Trendy Sunglasses: Canada's Next Big Fashion Moment

While generally a colder region, temperatures in Canada are expected to heat up in the next few months. We’ve previously covered the weather overview for Toronto citizens, including indications that Canada’s most populous city is showing signs of slightly warmer weather to commemorate early spring. Still, the pleasant highs and present sunlight are mixed with cool winter temperatures, especially at night. Notably, the second half of February promises mainly sunny skies at +5°C.

As such, sunglasses may become a necessary accessory pretty soon. According to a recent market analysis, the country’s sunglasses market is projected to earn a revenue of $0.62 billion this year. It is expected to reach 9.2 million pieces by 2028, indicating a steady growth in the market.

Of course, aside from providing much-needed sun protection for warmer days, some types of sunglasses can also help reduce glare and distracting light reflections from snow. This makes a decent pair of shades as much a Canadian necessity as it is a stylish fashion accessory. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the trendy sunglasses styles that we expect to take Canada by storm:

Sleek black frames

Last year, Canada’s Hollywood sensation Ryan Gosling rocked the world as Ken in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie. Notably, Gosling spends a considerate amount of his screentime in Ken’s absurdist Mojo Dojo Casa House, sporting an obnoxious fur coat and black-framed sunglasses. While seemingly overly simple in design, a pair of sleek black-framed sunglasses is enough to embody the machismo of Ken’s arc while still keeping him handsome and cool-looking. 

To get this Mojo Dojo look, you can simply opt for any pair of sunnies with solid black frames. You can also put an angular twist to the look by wearing sunglasses like the Cabana model, available from Eyebuydirect, which also comes in white and translucent beige frames. Whichever style you go for, the point is to keep the shades simple but cool and stylish enough.

Wraparound sunnies

Another Canadian name who recently made headlines for aptly styling their shades is the Toronto Maple Leafs player Max Domi, who embraced the ’80s aesthetic in a costume showcasing the look of “Physical” by Olivia Newton-John. In the candid Instagram video, Domi dons a pair of oversized black wraparound sunglasses and a turquoise bodysuit. Showing off the look with girlfriend Estelle Philips, the couple topped the retro nod with a blonde mullet wig and pink headband and tights. 

Wraparound shades are great for those who need more extensive coverage, as these provide a wider field of view and can help cut off glare from even the corners of your eyes. This makes the silhouette popular among athletes and outdoor activity enthusiasts. Wraparounds are also, of course, an excellent homage to bold ’80s fashion.

Tiny shades

Finally, the tiny shades may be the antithesis of the trend of oversized lenses and thick, chunky frames. Appropriately named, these feature considerably smaller lenses and are likely used for more fashion-forward purposes than sun protection. Most recently, Canadian global superstar Justin Bieber was spotted pairing his tiny sunglasses with a black leather jacket over an open-chested look at the Super Bowl. The singer arrived at the much-awaited football event with wife Hailey Bieber, who wore a “mob chic” look as highlighted by her oversized animal print coat.

Bieber himself opted for a horizontal oval take on the tiny shades trend, but you can also adjust the look for small circles or even squares and rectangles. Regardless of the lens shape, the tiny shades trend gives off a futuristic and luxurious punk vibe, which explains Bieber’s decision to polish the look with a leather jacket.

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