Thunder Bay Anticipates Bright Skies as Ontario Winter Games Weekend Approaches

Sunrise Thunder Bay Ontario
Good morning, Thunder Bay!

THUNDER BAY – WEATHER – As Thunder Bay awakens to a chilly -9°C at 7:15 AM EST, under partly cloudy skies, the city gears up for the Ontario Winter Games with an inviting weather forecast.

The barometer, currently at 101.3 kPa, is on an upward trajectory, indicating improving conditions. Humidity stands high at 93%, with a WSW wind at 9 km/h amplifying the morning cold to a wind chill of -14°C.

Crisp Mornings Shift to Warmer Afternoons

Today, the forecast heralds mainly sunny skies, with light winds up to 15 km/h contributing to a comfortable high of +4°C. Despite the cold start, with a wind chill of -12°C this morning, the low UV index of 1 suggests minimal sun strength, typical of late winter days.

Sunny Days Ahead with Flurry Chances on Thursday Night

The weather continues to be mainly favourable into the night, with mainly cloudy skies and consistent winds keeping the low at -9°C and a wind chill of -12°C.

Thursday promises mainly sunny conditions again, with cloudiness increasing in the late afternoon. Winds will pick up, reaching west 30 km/h and gusting to 50 near noon, pushing temperatures to a high of +5°C, though the morning wind chill will linger at -12°C.

Thursday night introduces a 40 percent chance of flurries amid cloudy periods, with temperatures dramatically dropping to a low of -20°C.

Optimistic Weekend Weather for Winter Games Spectators

Looking towards the weekend, Friday boasts sunny skies with a high of -6°C, leading into a clear night at -19°C. Saturday warms slightly to a high of +1°C under sunny conditions, perfect for Ontario Winter Games events, with cloudy periods rolling in by night and a low of -5°C.

Sunday continues the trend with a mix of sun and cloud, offering a pleasant high of +4°C for the concluding events of the games, though the evening will turn cloudy with a low of -6°C.

As Thunder Bay hosts the Ontario Winter Games, attendees and participants can look forward to mostly sunny skies and manageable winter temperatures, creating an ideal backdrop for the festivities and competitions.

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