Sports Tech with Hudson Heinemann

Hudson Heinemann

MSN Caught Up With Hudson Heinemann, Who Recently Transferred From The Elite Prep School St. Marks Located In Southborough, Massachusetts To The Legendary IMG Academy In Brandenton, Florida To Pursue His Passion For Football.

Hudson, who is a quarterback and walking encyclopedia regarding Sportstech enlightened us on what exactly this is and how it’s used.“Sportstech is the combination of Sports and technology. Technology is used throughout the industry and is commonplace with the athletes.

Hudson Heinemann

In football for example we use the GPS vests, this vest is designed to hold a pod between the shoulder blades that contains a 10Hz GPS, an accelerometer and a magnetometer. This allows us to measure Speed, Distance, and Intensity. By monitoring these metrics, players can strive to continually surpass their limits and regularly achieve personal bests becoming fitter and faster football players,” says Hudson who also told us his sister Hyacinth Heinemann attends IMG Academy as well for tennis and that one technology that is gaining popularity in the world of tennis is motion capture, which can be used to track a player’s movements on the court and analyze their biomechanics.

Hyacinth Heinemann

 “We currently know in the National Football League, AI has played a crucial role in prioritizing player safety, enhancing fan engagement and equipping teams with data-driven information to make informed decisions. Additionally, I feel with AI supporting the coaches in making decisions regarding line-ups and game strategies, it will provide instant action recommendations to the players in the future. Based on the historical and current data, AI will empower athletes to make split-second decisions while playing games like football, tennis, soccer, etc.,” says Hudson who’s Mother is the American Socialite Michelle-Marie Heinemann Scaglia and CEO of Old Fashioned Mom LLC, a luxury lifestyle brand based in New York City and Italy. 

Michelle-Marie Heinemann Scaglia and her son Hudson Heinemann at IMG Academy



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