Deep Freeze Hits Ontario’s North: Wasaho Cree Nation Under Extreme Cold Warning

Extreme Cold Warning for Washaho Cree Nation and Peawanuck First Nation

Chilling Records and Immediate Risks

As the mercury plummets to colder than the recorded -24.5°C at 5:45 PM on Thursday in Wasaho Cree Nation, marking the lowest temperature point across Ontario, the NetNewsLedger Weather Desk have issued an extreme cold warning.

Wasaho is bracing for a period of severe wind chills expected to reach a bone-chilling minus 45°C overnight into Friday morning. With the weather forecast predicting minimal cloud cover and winds shifting from northwest 30 km/h to lighter breezes, residents are facing a critical period of cold that demands immediate precautions.

Immediate Action Required

The extreme cold poses a significant threat to all, especially vulnerable populations including community Elder and those without adequate shelter. Symptoms of cold exposure such as shortness of breath, chest pain, and numbness in extremities should be monitored closely.

Community members are urged to check on those at risk and ensure pets are not left outdoors.

Looking Ahead to Friday

Friday promises some respite with sunny skies, yet temperatures will remain dangerously low at minus 24°C, accompanied by wind chills that could make it feel as cold as minus 46°C in the morning.

The risk of frostbite remains alarmingly high, necessitating protective measures for anyone venturing outside. By nightfall, while clear skies will prevail initially, the temperature is expected to dip further to minus 29°C, with wind chill factors making it feel even colder.

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