Fort Frances Weather Snow Flurries Through to Thursday

Winter is a great time to get out, embrace the weather and enjoy the outdoors
Winter is a great time to get out, embrace the weather and enjoy the outdoors

Fort Frances Residents to Navigate Through Light Snow, Chilly Winds, and Sunny Spells This Week

Current Weather Snapshot The early hours in Fort Frances saw temperatures at -2.6°C with the barometer showing 101.6 kPa and on a downward trend. Humidity levels stood at a comfortable 86%, but the SSW winds at 13 km/h pushed the wind chill down to -7°C, adding an extra bite to the air.

Today’s Outlook

The day will start with light snow, expected to taper off by late afternoon, leaving the skies mainly cloudy with a 40% chance of flurries. A warning for potential freezing drizzle has been issued for the morning. Winds are set to shift from southwest at 20 km/h to west, gusting up to 40 km/h, which will likely intensify the chill to near -10°C.

Tonight’s Forecast

The sky remains mainly cloudy with a continued 40% chance of seeing more flurries. The northwest wind will persist at 20 km/h, driving the temperature down to a low of -10°C and making the wind chill dip to -17°C overnight.

Extended Forecast

  • Thursday, 15 Feb: Expect light snowfall throughout the day with northwest winds at 20 km/h, gusting to 40. Temperatures will hover around -7°C but the wind chill will make it feel as cold as -19°C in the morning and -14°C in the afternoon.
  • Thursday Night: The area will see cloudy periods mixed with a 30% chance of flurries, and an expected low of -25°C.
  • Friday, 16 Feb: Sunshine returns, albeit with cold temperatures peaking at -12°C.
  • Friday Night: The sky will be dotted with cloudy periods, and temperatures will drop to -15°C.
  • Saturday, 17 Feb: A blend of sun and clouds is forecasted with a high of -4°C, shifting to cloudy periods and a 30% chance of flurries by night, with lows around -16°C.

Weather Thoughts

Residents are encouraged to dress in warm, layered clothing and to stay vigilant for icy conditions due to the potential for freezing drizzle. Those venturing outdoors should be prepared for varying conditions, from light snow to clear skies, while keeping an eye on the thermometer as the wind chill dips lower.

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