Whitesand and Armstrong Weather Report – February 13th & 14th

Winter Weather Update

Slight Weather Trip to the Freezer

Whitesand and Armstrong residents, get ready for a typical winter chill! February 13th looks to deliver very cold temperatures and the possibility of light flurries. At 6:10 AM EST it is12c with light snow. The barometer is steady at 102.1 kPa. Humidity is at 77%. Winds this morning are 8 km/h from the northwest. Wind chill feels like -17.

Expect a high near -9°C and a low dipping down to -19°C. Skies will be mainly cloudy, so you might catch a few snowflakes throughout the day.

Tomorrow’s Outlook

Wednesday, February 14th, continues the wintry trend with a mix of sun and cloud. Temperatures remain well below freezing, with a high around -8°C and a low falling to -12°C.

Historic Averages for February 13th

Historically, the average high for Armstrong on February 13th is -6°C, and the average low is -17°C. Expect temperatures very close to these averages.

Wardrobe Suggestions

To tackle these harsh winter conditions, dressing in layers is key. Think thermal base layers, a thick winter coat, hat, insulated gloves, a warm scarf, and waterproof boots with good traction.

Weather Trivia

Did you know that Armstrong, Ontario holds the record for the coldest temperature ever recorded in Ontario? On January 23, 1935, the temperature plummeted to -58.3°C!

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