Wasaho Cree Nation Weather Forecast: Cold, Windy, with Frostbite Potential

White Bear Paw Print in snow - Image Lydia Matthews
White Bear Paw Print in snow - Image Lydia Matthews

Wasaho Cree Nation Faces Cold and Wind Chills

WASAHO CREE NATION – WEATHER – Residents of Wasaho Cree Nation are waking up to -17°C morning under cloudy skies, setting a chilly tone for the weekend.

The barometer is stable at 101.0 kPa, indicating steady atmospheric pressure.

However, the combination of 82% humidity and strong NNW winds at 18 km/h, gusting up to 39 km/h, significantly intensifies the cold, pushing the wind chill factor near -27°C.

Today: A Brief Snowy Start

The day begins with periods of light snow, which are expected to cease by the morning, leaving mainly cloudy skies and a 30 percent chance of flurries. The wind, blowing from the northwest at 20 km/h and gusting to 40 km/h, will keep the high at a frosty -15°C. The severe wind chill near -27°C and a low UV index of 1 highlight the day’s minimal sunlight and significant cold.

Tonight: Frostbite Concerns Grow

This evening, the weather remains mainly cloudy, with northwest winds continuing at 20 km/h but easing after midnight. Temperatures are forecasted to plummet to -22°C, with wind chills making it feel as cold as -25°C in the evening and a bone-chilling -31°C overnight. The pronounced risk of frostbite makes it critical for community members to minimize skin exposure and layer up adequately.

Sunday, 11 Feb: Persistent Cold with Frostbite Risk

The cold spell persists into Sunday, with mainly cloudy skies once again. The wind chill in the morning could reach a dangerous -32°C, slightly improving to -22°C in the afternoon despite a high of only -18°C. The consistent risk of frostbite underscores the need for protective clothing and indoor warmth.

Sunday Night: The Deep Freeze Continues

The temperature dips further to -23°C under cloudy skies by nightfall, maintaining the extended period of severe cold. With such conditions, it’s essential for residents to ensure homes are adequately heated and to check on vulnerable family members and neighbours.

Weather Thoughts

For Wasaho Cree Nation, the coming days demand heightened awareness and preparedness for cold weather risks, especially frostbite. Ensuring access to warm shelters, protecting pipes from freezing, and keeping emergency supplies ready can help mitigate the cold’s impacts.

Community members are urged to stay informed about weather updates and take necessary precautions to stay safe during this harsh winter period.

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