Armstrong and Whitesand Weather: Snow and Gusting Winds

Winter Weather Update

Winter Mounts a Return in Whitesand

ARMSTRONG – WEATHER – Early risers in Armstrong and Whitesand are greeted with a cold -11°C and light snowfall, setting the tone for the weekend. The barometer reads 101.0 kPa, indicating steady weather conditions.

However, the humidity at 82% and brisk NW winds at 21 km/h, gusting to 30 km/h, suggest that residents should prepare for a chilly day ahead.

Today: A Snowy Outlook

The forecast predicts periods of snow throughout the day, with northwest winds persisting at 20 km/h and gusts potentially reaching 40 km/h. The high for the day is expected to be -8°C, but the wind chill factor will make it feel closer to a biting -19°C. It’s a clear reminder for locals to bundle up and ensure that outdoor pets have warm shelter.

Tonight: A Chance of Flurries As the evening approaches, skies will remain cloudy with a 40 percent chance of flurries. Winds are expected to shift, becoming lighter, yet the low temperature of -13°C and a wind chill near -18°C will continue to require warm clothing and heated homes.

Sunday, 11 Feb: Mainly Cloudy with Potential Flurries

The weather on Sunday maintains the cold trend, with mainly cloudy skies and a 40 percent chance of flurries. Light winds up to 15 km/h will not provide much relief from the cold, with temperatures reaching a high of -6°C. The wind chill in the morning is forecasted to be -19°C, improving slightly to -10°C in the afternoon. Despite these conditions, the UV index remains low at 1.

Sunday Night: Continued Cold with Flurry Chances The possibility of flurries lingers into Sunday night with a 30 percent chance, under cloudy periods. The temperature is expected to drop significantly to a low of -19°C, underscoring the importance of staying warm and checking on vulnerable neighbours or family members.

Weather Musings

For residents of Armstrong and Whitesand, the coming days require caution and preparedness. Ensuring vehicles are winter-ready, pipes are insulated against the cold, and emergency supplies are stocked can mitigate the risks posed by the snowy and windy conditions. Keeping an eye on local weather updates and advisories is crucial for navigating the challenges of this winter weather safely.

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