Weather Update for Kenora, Whitedog, Grassy Narrows: Chilly Temperatures and Light Snow

Winter Weather Advisories don't stop Winter biking
Winter Weather does not stop Winter biking

Friday Morning Current Conditions

KENORA – WEATHER – As of early this morning at 6:25 AM CST, the Kenora, Whitedog, and Grassy Narrows regions are experiencing light snow with temperatures at -8°C. The barometric pressure is on the rise, currently at 99.9 kPa, indicating changing weather patterns. Humidity is high at 86%, with brisk north-northwest winds at 29 km/h, gusting up to 45 km/h, adding a bite to the cold air.

Today’s Forecast

Residents can expect continued periods of snow throughout the day, with a potential risk of freezing drizzle in the early hours. Today’s snow accumulation is estimated at around 2 cm. The wind will blow from the northwest at 20 km/h, with gusts reaching 40 km/h, keeping the temperature steady near -7°C. The wind chill factor will make it feel significantly colder, around -14°C.

Tonight and Weekend Weather

Tonight, the sky will remain cloudy with a 40% chance of flurries. The northwest wind will continue at 20 km/h, gusting to 40 km/h, dropping the temperature to a low of -11°C. Wind chill values will fall to -14°C in the evening and -19°C overnight, making for a notably cold night.

Saturday is forecasted to be mainly cloudy with a 30% chance of flurries. The northwest wind will lighten in the morning, with a high of -7°C and wind chill making it feel as cold as -19°C in the morning and -12°C in the afternoon. The UV index will remain low at 1.

Outlook for Sunday

The weather on Sunday will stay cloudy with a high of -8°C. The evening will introduce a 30% chance of flurries, with temperatures dropping to a low of -13°C, continuing the trend of chilly winter conditions.

Final Weather Words

Residents in Kenora, Whitedog, and Grassy Narrows are advised to dress warmly and prepare for variable winter weather conditions, including potential freezing drizzle and gusty winds. Stay updated on local weather advisories and take necessary precautions to ensure safety during outdoor activities.

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