Thunder Bay Starts Foggy Awaiting Mixed Weather Conditions

Warm weather in recent days has some of the critters who sleep waking up - Watch for skunks!
Warm weather in recent days has some of the critters who sleep waking up - Watch for skunks!

Thursday Brings Showers and Rain, with Snow Possible at Night

THUNDER BAY – WEATHER – Thunder Bay residents are waking up to foggy conditions this morning, with the temperature at a chilly -5°C at 8:30 am. The barometer reading of 102.0 kPa and rising indicates improving weather conditions as the day progresses, despite the high humidity at 96% contributing to the morning fog.

A slight north wind at 2 km/h is barely noticeable, but as the fog patches begin to dissipate, the wind is expected to pick up to 15 km/h, adding a bit of a chill to the air.

Today’s forecast suggests a day of transition with a mix of sun and cloud in the morning, becoming cloudy around noon. The early fog is expected to clear, making way for a day with a high of plus 3°C.

Despite the sun’s appearance, a wind chill of minus 7 this morning reminds us that winter still holds sway. The UV index remains low, indicating minimal sun strength.

Evening Showers Likely with Mild Temperatures

As the evening approaches, the skies will remain mainly cloudy, with a 40 percent chance of showers. The east wind at 20 km/h will become light later in the evening, maintaining mild temperatures with a low of plus 1°C. This suggests a relatively comfortable night ahead, albeit with the potential for rain.

Looking ahead to Thursday, the day will be mainly cloudy with a continued 40 percent chance of showers in the morning and early afternoon. By later in the afternoon, periods of rain are expected to begin, with temperatures reaching a high of plus 4°C. The persistently low UV index points to limited sunny intervals throughout the day.

Thursday night forecasts a mix of snow or rain, with temperatures dipping to a low of minus 1°C. This change signals a diverse range of weather conditions for Thunder Bay, from fog and sun to rain and potentially snow, all within a 48-hour period.

For Thunder Bay’s residents, this mix of weather conditions highlights the importance of staying prepared for anything.

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