What Poker Events Are Taking Place Across Canada in 2024?

Source: Dusan Kipic via Unsplash
Source: Dusan Kipic via Unsplash

The card game of skill, luck, and the ability to hold your nerve when bluffing your opponent — of course, we’re talking about poker. Poker has long been filled with a rich history of poker players and tournaments, and 2024 is no different. Poker enthusiasts will have their pick of exciting matches from coast to coast, but do you know which tournament you’ll be making an appearance at this year? Let’s look at what Canada has in store for poker in 2024.

WSOP Calgary 2024

The anticipation for one of the biggest poker tournaments of the year is building, with Canada becoming the host of the ultimate spectacle in the poker world, the World Series of Poker (WSOP). This year’s tournament will take place in Calgary, Alberta, with a momentous lineup and drama expected to unfold. The poker fandom will be found at the Deerfoot Inn & Casino, nestled in the southeast of the city. This casino will transform into the poker epicenter where countless players will come down to try their luck and test their skills.

The WSOP Circuit has had continued popularity from the regional tours known for staggering prize pools and ever-record-breaking attendances. Since the inaugural event in January 2022, this tournament has seen a continued growth of popularity, and the Deerfoot Inn & Casino has become a must-see destination for true poker enthusiasts, making itself one of Canada’s cornerstones of the poker landscape. Even those players who play poker online will have a strong desire to take a trip to this casino.

This year, the poker series is guaranteed to be your highlight with a diverse schedule, including fan-favorite events such as thrilling multi-day competitions, the Big 30 Stack, and the prestigious Main event celebrating a $1,700 buy-in, pushing the excitement even further than ever.

Diamond Poker Classic

As we approach the middle of the year, excitement on the Canadian poker scene heightens as the Diamond Poker Classic approaches. This well-loved tournament appeals to professional and amateur players alike.

In addition to catering to professionals interested in winning the podium, the organizers have created an event that appeals to recreational poker players simply interested in testing their skills against the pros. The tournament has a unique format, making it as exciting to watch as it is to participate.

As a result, the organizers have kept specific dates a secret, adding an element of surprise to the game and excitement to players and fans alike. This touch of mystery keeps diehard fans glued to their seats.

Source: VD Photography via Unsplash
Source: VD Photography via Unsplash

Source: VD Photography via Unsplash

Station Poker Classic

In the springtime, flowers bloom, and birds chirp while the Station Power Classic descends upon the Delta Hotels Regina. Annually, just as the winter frost begins to thaw in the capital of Saskatchewan, a swarm of poker enthusiasts descend upon the city. The tournament’s immersive experience and exciting gameplay make Regina the perfect destination for visitors. If you’re playing or watching, you won’t be left disappointed; this is a poker tournament you won’t want to miss.

Poker tournaments of any kind can be an intensive challenge with some fierce competition. Still, if you’re looking for an added sprinkle of comfort and elegance to the occasion, there is none better than the Delta Hotels Regina. This sense of occasion is enhanced even further with the hotel’s location and the sublime management that goes above and beyond to guarantee each customer has a stay they will treasure for a lifetime.

There is no better event than this if you’re searching for a sense of relaxation when you play your cards. The management has created an unbelievable environment that allows serious poker players to put everything to one side and think about one thing: the game itself. There is no compromise on experience for a luxury hotel like this.

A tournament like this not only brings you titles and cash prizes but allows you to experience a premium service like no other with a true intent to deliver customer satisfaction with every interaction. The tournament’s schedule is designed to accommodate the various preferences and playing styles, making it enjoyable for every type of player looking to find a game suited to them.

Source: Josh Appel via Unsplash
Source: Josh Appel via Unsplash

Source: Josh Appel via Unsplash

Canada’s 2024 Poker Season

The poker season of 2024 is set to be filled with unprecedented excitement, upsets, and big-money wins. No matter the tournament you attend, you’ll undoubtedly be greeted with excellent displays of strategy, skill, and luck — the main three contributors to why this game continues to attract such big crowds and why it is so fun. Expect memorable moments, excitement, and triumph from the Great White North, with fans, professionals, and amateur lovers of the game all coming together to see if they can reign champion. The 2024 poker season is about to start; it’s time to shuffle your deck, get your chips ready, and practice your best poker face.


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