Toronto Weather Forecast: Chilly Start with Clearing Skies Ahead

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Cold Morning and Brighter Afternoon in Toronto

Toronto – WEATHER – Toronto residents woke up to a cold -2°C this early morning at 5:30 AM EST, under mainly clear skies. The barometric pressure is noted at 101.8 and on a downward trend, indicating changing weather conditions ahead. With humidity levels high at 93% and a north wind blowing at 13 km/h, the wind chill has made it feel significantly colder at -7°C.

Today’s Weather Outlook

The city is poised for a mainly cloudy start, with skies expected to clear as the afternoon progresses. Winds will remain steady at up to 15 km/h, and temperatures are set to rise to a more comfortable high of +3°C, although the morning wind chill will linger at around -4°C. The UV index is forecasted to be 2, classified as low, but sufficient for some sunlight penetration during the clearer parts of the day.

Tonight’s Conditions

The evening is expected to remain clear, with wind speeds continuing at up to 15 km/h. Torontonians can anticipate a low of -5°C overnight, with the wind chill making it feel closer to -7°C, suggesting another chilly night ahead.

Looking Ahead to Tuesday

Tuesday promises a mix of sun and cloud, with conditions clearing early in the afternoon. Light winds will continue to affect the day’s feel, reaching up to 15 km/h. The high for the day is expected at +2°C, with the morning wind chill making an early day start feel as cold as -7°C. The UV index will remain at 2, indicating low risk from ultraviolet radiation.


As Toronto transitions from a cold morning to clearer, sunnier afternoons, residents are reminded to dress warmly for the chilly starts but to look forward to the brighter weather as the day progresses. The clear nights ahead, while cold, will offer crisp winter skies for the city’s inhabitants. Stay tuned to the latest weather updates and plan accordingly for the changing conditions.

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