Marten Falls Weather Update: Chilly Start with Drizzle and Fog

Winter Weather Update

MARTEN FALLS – WEATHER – As dawn breaks over Marten Falls at 5:30 AM CST, the community faces -2°C under a clouded sky, with the barometer holding steady at 102.3. With humidity nearing saturation at 98% and light breezes at 4 km/h, the wind chill nudges the cold to -4°C, setting a brisk start to the day.

Today’s Weather Dynamics

Clouds continue to dominate the sky, presenting a 40 percent chance of drizzle throughout the day. The morning carries a risk of freezing drizzle, adding a layer of caution for early risers.

Fog patches are expected to lift as we approach noon, with winds gaining strength up to 15 km/h. Despite the chilly start, temperatures are set to rise to a mild +2°C, though the wind chill may linger at -3°C in the morning hours. The UV index is low at 1, indicating minimal sunlight penetration through the cloud cover.

Evening Outlook and Overnight Predictions

The cloud cover persists into the evening, maintaining a 30 percent chance of drizzle alongside the risk of freezing drizzle once more. Fog is forecasted to develop again overnight, setting a misty scene with temperatures holding at a low of zero.

Looking Forward to Tuesday

Tuesday introduces a mix in the weather pattern, starting cloudy with a 40 percent chance of rain showers in the morning and early afternoon. The weather will shift slightly, bringing a few rain showers and flurries later in the afternoon.

Early morning may see a return of freezing drizzle, with fog patches expected to clear around noon. Temperatures are anticipated to peak at +3°C, accompanied by a consistently low UV index.

Tuesday Night Forecast

The night’s forecast leans towards colder conditions, with a 60 percent chance of flurries and an expected drop in temperature to -8°C, marking a significant cool down from the daytime high.

Residents of Marten Falls should prepare for variable conditions, from morning freezing drizzle to afternoon flurries. Staying informed on the latest weather advisories is key to navigating the changing conditions safely.

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