Vermilion Bay and Dryden Weather Update: Cloudy Skies with a Chance of Drizzle

Light snow on Jeeps at Lakehead Motors on Memorial Avenue in Thunder Bay

Fog Advisory Remains In Effect – Highway Travel Could be Impacted

Current Conditions and Today’s Forecast

DRYDEN – WEATHER – As of 7:00 AM CST, the Dryden Airport records a chilly -4°C with cloudy skies overhead, marking the morning’s conditions for both Vermilion Bay and Dryden. The humidity is high at 97%, with a slight WNW wind at 5 km/h creating a wind chill of -7°C, signaling a brisk start to the day.

The day is set to become cloudy this morning, with a 30 percent chance of drizzle appearing by the afternoon. The risk of freezing drizzle is present during the morning hours, but the fog is expected to dissipate later in the morning. Winds will increase slightly, reaching up to 15 km/h, and the temperature is anticipated to rise to a more pleasant +4°C, despite the cold start with a wind chill of -7°C. The UV index remains low at 1, indicating minimal sun exposure.

Tonight and Monday’s Weather Outlook

Tonight, the skies will stay cloudy, with an early evening 30 percent chance of drizzle and a continuing risk of freezing drizzle into the night. Fog patches are expected to develop again this evening, with light winds up to 15 km/h and temperatures dipping to a low of -1°C. The overnight wind chill is forecasted to be -3°C.

Monday, February 5th, maintains the cloudy conditions with a 30 percent chance of afternoon drizzle and morning risks of freezing drizzle. Fog patches are again likely to dissipate late in the morning, leading to a day’s high of +4°C. Morning wind chill values could feel as cold as -5°C, with light winds continuing. The UV index will again be low.

Looking Ahead to Monday Night

The region is expected to see cloudy periods throughout Monday night, with temperatures slightly falling to a low of -2°C. Residents of Vermilion Bay and Dryden should prepare for variable weather conditions, including the potential for drizzle, freezing drizzle, and fluctuating visibility due to fog.

Staying informed on the latest weather advisories and preparing for changing conditions will be essential for residents in these areas as they navigate the coming days.

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