Fog Advisory and Freezing Drizzle Affecting Winnipeg, Travel Caution Advised

Weather Alert
Weather Alert

Current Conditions and Sunday Forecast

WINNIPEG – WEATHER – As of 6:00 am CST, Winnipeg is enveloped in a light drizzle and dense fog, with temperatures at 0°C. The city is under a fog advisory, with the barometer reading 102.2 kPa and on the rise, and humidity levels maxed out at 100%.

Winds are gentle from the SSE at 8 km/h.

Today’s forecast anticipates continued drizzle and periods of fog, significantly reducing visibility to near zero at times throughout the morning. The high for the day is expected to reach a mild +3°C, but travelers should exercise caution as near zero visibility in the fog is likely.

Tonight and Monday Outlook

The drizzle is expected to cease around midnight, transitioning to a cloudy night with the development of fog patches once again this evening, with temperatures holding steady at 0°C. Moving into Monday, February 5th, the day starts cloudy with lingering fog patches expected to dissipate in the morning. Winds will shift to the south at 20 km/h, with temperatures peaking at a comfortable +3°C and a UV index of 1, indicating low risk. The night will bring clouds once more, with a slight dip in temperature to -1°C.

Safety and Travel Advisory

The persistence of dense fog, particularly in the morning and late evening, poses significant travel hazards across southern Manitoba, including Winnipeg. Visibility may drop suddenly to near zero, making travel conditions hazardous.

Residents and travellers alike are urged to stay informed on weather updates and exercise caution while commuting during these times.

Stay tuned for further updates and always prioritize safety during adverse weather conditions.

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