Dryden & Vermilion Bay Weather: Cool, Clear, and Chilly Chuckles!

Winter Weather Update

Dryden – WEATHER – Greetings, early risers of Dryden and Vermilion Bay! It’s 5:00 AM CST, and Mother Nature has quite the frosty sense of humor today. So, grab your thermals and a steaming cup of coffee, because we’re diving into -8°C antics!

Early Birds Get Frozen Worms – It’s -8°C at 5:00 AM!

We’re starting the day off with a chilly -8°C. It’s so cold that even the snowmen are bundled up! If you’re heading out, don’t forget your frosty breath and a scarf as you brave the brisk morning air.

Skies as Clear as Your Plans for a Snowball Fight

Skies are crystal clear today, just like your intentions to have a snowball showdown later. Looks like we’re in for some sun-kissed frost!

Barometer’s Quirky Reading: 102.3 kPa

The barometer is showing off at 102.3 kPa. We don’t know what it’s trying to prove, but at least it’s staying high and mighty.

Humidity: It’s Like a Hydration Challenge!

Humidity levels are at 87%, so staying hydrated isn’t a problem today. In fact, if your skin starts to feel as dry as a tumbleweed, blame it on the low humidity!

Windy Shenanigans: SSE Winds at 17 km/h

Winds from the SSE are at 17 km/h. Not too windy, but hold onto your hats; it’s breezy out there!

Friday Forecast: A Mix of Sun, Clouds, and Thermometer Teasing

Friday is serving up a mixed platter of sun and clouds. Clearing is expected early this afternoon, so it’s like the weather can’t make up its mind. Highs will reach +1, but brace yourself for a -14 wind chill in the morning. UV index: 1 or low.

Tonight: Clear Skies and Minus 7°C

Tonight, it’s clear skies with a side of shivers. The mercury dips to -7°C, and the wind chill drops to -11 overnight. Looks like a great night for stargazing and hot cocoa.

Saturday: Sunny Spells and Plus 3°C

Saturday brings sunny spells and a high of +3°C. But beware of the morning chill, as the wind chill hovers at -12. Keep those winter jackets close!

Sunday: More Sunshine and Plus 4°C

Sunday is all about sunshine and warmth, with highs of +4°C. You might even spot a few snowflakes attempting a sneak attack at night.

Nighttime Whimsy: A Chance of Flurries at Minus 4°C

Sunday night might bring some flurries with a low of -4°C. Keep your snow shovels handy, just in case!

Now you’re all set for a weekend full of weather surprises. Remember, if in doubt, layer up and embrace the cold, Dryden and Vermilion Bay style!

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