Fort Frances Weather A Mild Start to February

Winter is a great time to get out, embrace the weather and enjoy the outdoors
Winter is a great time to get out, embrace the weather and enjoy the outdoors

Today’s Forecast: Cloudy with a Glimmer of Flurries

Fort Frances welcomes the month of February with a cloudy day and a 30% chance of flurries in the early morning, possibly mixed with some freezing drizzle. Winds are gentle at up to 15 km/h, with a high of +2°C. However, the wind chill might make it feel as cold as -7°C in the morning. The UV index remains low.

Tonight’s Weather: Partly Cloudy and Calm

The evening in Fort Frances will see partly cloudy skies with continued light winds. Temperatures will drop to a low of -6°C, and the wind chill might bring it down near -10°C.

Tomorrow’s Outlook: A Brighter Day Ahead

Friday promises a pleasant mix of sun and cloud with light winds, reaching a high of +3°C. The morning might feel colder with a wind chill of -10°C, and a low UV index is expected. The night will be clear with temperatures falling to around -4°C.

Historical Weather Insights

  • The highest temperature recorded for this date was 0.1°C in 2012.
  • In contrast, the record low for this date was a frigid -31.6°C in 2023.

Wardrobe Suggestions

Considering the mild temperatures and potential for light flurries, a medium-weight jacket, gloves, and a hat would be appropriate. Layering is key to adapt to the changing conditions throughout the day.

Weather Trivia

Fort Frances has experienced a wide range of temperatures in its history. On this day in 2023, it faced an extreme low of -38.4°C, showcasing the city’s ability to endure harsh winter conditions.

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