Debbie DeBerry – How ‘The Flipstress’ is Revolutionizing Real Estate and Empowering Women Flipping Houses

Debbie DeBerry

Debbie DeBerry is an industry leader in real estate, where every house flip is a gamble, and every investment demands precision. Known as ‘The Flipstress,’ DeBerry’s story begins with an upbringing fueled by a passion to challenge the norm, ultimately empowering women in real estate.

Early Beginnings: A Foundation For Resilience

Growing up amid four older brothers, DeBerry’s formative years were marked by competitive sports and a drive for perfectionism. However, her pursuit of flawlessness led her to an eating disorder in her early 20s. This experience prompted her to reflect on society’s expectations that women must hide their vulnerabilities.

She also moved a lot, relocating frequently during elementary and middle school. DeBerry was the perpetual ‘new kid’ who always tried to fit in. However, being the new kid allowed her to adapt and think independently.

During an especially taxing period of bullying in middle school, DeBerry changed schools again. Her mother emerged as a beacon of support, telling DeBerry that regardless of everything that happened, dreams were achievable, mistakes were part of growth, and resilience was non-negotiable.

This became the bedrock of her company values: fostering inclusivity, encouraging women to dream ambitiously, and normalizing setbacks as stepping stones to success.

The Road to Real Estate: Passion and Entrepreneurial Spirit

After graduating with a master’s degree from the University of Texas, DeBerry managed three TCBY frozen yogurt franchises as a young entrepreneur. Her mother encouraged her to pivot into real estate, so she got her license in 2003.

From there, DeBerry ventured into traditional real estate dealings. But her true calling was working with investors. She developed a passion for teaching them how to analyze deals and decode market data.

Simplifying property flipping by harnessing local market data and sharing best practices has become her hallmark. As The Flipstress, her methods and techniques revolve around making smart, calculated decisions based on data and evidence, not speculation.  She believes that facts should come before intuition.

Challenges and Triumphs: The Journey Through Adversity

DeBerry’s career isn’t devoid of challenges. When her mother passed, DeBerry coped by diving into numerous flips. Overleveraging her ventures set the stage for a challenging encounter with a fraudulent family member entangled in one of her property sales, plunging her into emotional and financial problems that culminated in bankruptcy.

After this experience, DeBerry wanted to prevent others from facing similar challenges and to shed light on the stigma around bankruptcy, showcasing it as no barrier to success in real estate.

DeBerry formed a real estate education company to reform an industry marred by cut corners and subpar practices. Her coaching program has empowered over 2,000 women to date – and she’s built a community of authenticity, support, and empowerment.

Embracing Uniqueness: Redefining Real Estate Norms

DeBerry isn’t interested in adding to the already loud noise of the real estate industry. She’s also doing more than just guiding first-time house flippers through transactions–she emphasizes investment thinking and running this as a business, not a hobby. She aims to help women view real estate investing as stepping stones toward building wealth and leaving a legacy. Whether buying a house to live in, fix and flip, or fix and hold as a rental, DeBerry emphasizes homes with the potential of increased value.

Understanding her clients’ specific investment goals is key. She explains the nuances of investing, stressing that profitability in rentals often boils down to cash flow, appreciation, or a delicate balance of both. She avoids cheap properties; instead, she’s focused on value.

Unlike DeBerry’s expensive competitors, her program for women flipping houses aims to serve regular, everyday people – like middle-class homemakers, nurses, and teachers. She looks to offer guidance rather than pushing them to financial strain. Her coaching is more than just a weekly check-in; it’s around-the-clock support and resources.

Time Management and Empowering Teams

DeBerry acknowledges the daily challenge of time management, often admitting to occasional failures. However, she’s refined her approach by prioritizing tasks and channeling her energy effectively each day.

DeBerry’s team is critical to her success. She fosters an environment of empowerment where everyone can thrive and contribute meaningfully without fear of making a mistake. As a team, they embrace imperfection, authenticity, and vulnerability. DeBerry positions her team members in roles that leverage their strengths.

Shaping the Future of Property Flipping

DeBerry has already built a successful house-flipping business that looks exactly how she wants it to look and aims to do the same for other women.  DeBerry believes in a personalized approach; she cautions against over-reliance on technology and algorithms. They’re limited in addressing intangible aspects that can significantly impact property resale value and holding time. While technology can provide data insights, it fails to encapsulate nuances like the impact of a neighbor’s yard clutter or the human aspect inherent in real estate transactions.

For DeBerry, real estate isn’t about houses, it’s about people. Individuals navigate challenging situations in almost every property. Whether it’s a foreclosure, troublesome tenants, or dealing with the death of a loved one, homeowners need support. Despite the evolving technological landscape that makes so many aspects of business feel robotic and impersonal, she believes that human connection, empathy, and a focus on serving others will remain paramount.

Impact on the Real Estate Landscape and Future Aspirations

DeBerry’s unique perspective on real estate emphasizes the importance of data-driven decisions, regardless of market conditions, and discipline amid challenges. All of these are built on the human connection.

Looking ahead, Debbie DeBerry hopes to expand her coaching program and nurture a larger team to empower even more women. She strives to teach others about changing mindsets, embracing challenges, and rewriting their stories.

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