Introducing Sonder Studio — Creativity Expert Julia Hogarth’s Startup That Provides Women with a Safe Place to Create and Connect

Julia Hogarth
Julia Hogarth

Everyone needs a place that they consider their safe spot. A place where they can be themselves – unapologetic and true. Most people find their safe space with family members or friends, yet there are times when a person feels the need for the company of like-minded individuals – people who share the same problems and aspire to grow. It was with that very purpose in mind that Julia Hogarth established Sonder Studio – a safe space for local entrepreneurs to create, connect, share their struggles, and motivate one another to achieve long-term growth.

Although her main focus is community building and content creation for small business, Julia brings a little twist to the concept. Through creative consultation, she allows women to share their passions and visions for the business and social media presence; her passion is to activate their creativity and allow them to bring their big ideas to life.

Julia believes that the right support can make all the difference when it comes to making a name in the world. As such, she implements the concept of Sustainable Success in her community. Sustainable Success is a process that leads to better well-being of a person, resulting in a flourishing and well-performing business. Julia believes that it is only possible if a person has the right support system. People who cheer you and motivate you to do the best you can — this is basically the entire philosophy of Sonder Studio.

There are certain features available to anyone who wants to join Sonder Studio. A few of them include:

  • Easy access to a tight-knit and well-connected group of creators who are ready with advice and encouragement for anyone who is hungry for more. 
  • One-on-one coaching sessions with Julia, giving entrepreneurs support in bringing new ideas to life.
  • Workshops conducted monthly with entrepreneurs, both established and newcomers, where everyone comes together to discuss various chains of thoughts like business, money, leadership, companionship, and more.

The values that Sonder Studio lives by is for everyone to be open, fair, and honest with each other. Equity, diversity, and inclusion are also major factors that come into play when it comes to understanding the people and communities around us. Julia sincerely  believes that all human beings deserve respect, both from themselves and others. She encourages her clientele to do the same by taking the time to learn about the people around them and share in their struggles to help build a stronger community.

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