Fort Frances Weather Report: Clouds, Sunshine, and Gradual Warming

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Fort Frances and International Falls – WEATHER – Residents are awakening to a chilly but promising morning on January 30th. As we explore the current weather conditions, anticipate cloudy skies and a hint of flurries, but keep your spirits high as a shift in the forecast promises sunnier days ahead.

Let’s dive into the details of today’s weather, wardrobe recommendations, and what Wednesday has in store.

Current Conditions: At 6:00 AM, the temperature registers at -1°C in both Fort Frances and International Falls. Humidity levels stand at a comfortable 91%, while winds blow gently from the north-northwest at 13 km/h. This breeze creates a wind chill factor, making it feel like -6°C. The barometric pressure is on the rise, measuring 101.9 kPa.

Today’s Weather: Fort Frances and International Falls are under the influence of cloudy skies for most of the day. There’s a slight chance of flurries during the morning hours. The winds will be relatively light, up to 15 km/h. High temperatures are expected to reach plus 2°C, though the morning chill factor might make it feel like minus 7°C.

Wardrobe Suggestions: To tackle the chilly morning and potential flurries, dressing warmly in layers is advisable. As the day progresses and the winds remain light, you can adjust your attire accordingly. Don’t forget a light jacket for the afternoon.

Tonight’s Forecast: Tonight promises clearing skies in the evening, with winds remaining up to 15 km/h. The low temperature is expected to drop to minus 2°C, with a wind chill factor of minus 6°C overnight.

Wednesday, January 31: Wednesday is set to be a sunny day for both towns, with winds up to 15 km/h. High temperatures will warm up to a pleasant 6°C. However, keep in mind the chill factor in the morning, which might make it feel like minus 5°C. The UV index for the day remains low at 1.

Night Forecast: Wednesday night brings intervals of cloudy periods, with the low temperature expected to be minus 4°C.

Conclusion: Fort Frances and International Falls begin the day with clouds and a possibility of flurries, but brighter skies are on the horizon. Dress warmly in layers and embrace the changing weather patterns.

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