Winnipeg Weather Outlook: A Bright and Chilly Start to the Week

HBC Winnipeg

Current Conditions and Today’s Forecast

Winnipeg greets the day with mainly clear skies, marked by a brisk southern wind at 20 km/h and a chilly temperature of -6.5°C, feeling more like -13 due to wind chill. The air pressure is on the rise, currently at 101.9 kPa, and humidity levels are high at 96%. As the day progresses, Winnipeg can expect mainly sunny conditions with a light wind near noon. The high is forecasted to reach a mild +1°C, but the morning wind chill will make it feel like -15.

Monday’s Outlook

Monday in Winnipeg will see a mix of sun and cloud. The day begins cloudy with a 30% chance of afternoon flurries or rain showers. Winds will shift to the northwest at 30 km/h, gusting up to 50 km/h. The temperature will hover around +1°C, but the wind chill in the morning will make it feel as cold as -9. The night will be cloudy with a low of -4°C.

Historical Weather Facts

On this day in Winnipeg, the historic high and low temperatures have been quite extreme. The highest recorded temperature for January 28th was a mild 3.3°C in 1976, while the record low plunged to a frigid -41.7°C in 1966.

Wardrobe Suggestion

Given the chilly temperatures and potential for wind chill, it’s advisable to dress in warm layers. A wind-resistant outer layer will be particularly beneficial to stay comfortable against the brisk winds.

Weather Trivia

Winnipeg is known for its cold winters. In fact, it has earned the nickname “Winterpeg” due to its long, cold, and snowy winters.

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