Winnipeg Weather Outlook Misty Morning and Sunny Sunday

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Current Conditions in Winterpeg

Winnipeg wakes up to a misty morning with a chilly -13.4°C temperature. The air feels denser with 92% humidity and a dew point of -14.4°C. A gentle west-southwest breeze at 7 km/h adds to the morning chill. Barometric pressure is on the rise, currently at 102.4 kPa.

Today’s Forecast

Expect the day to gradually clear up, reaching a more comfortable -3°C. The wind stays light, but be prepared for a wind chill that feels like -14 in the morning. A low UV index means less worry about sun protection today.

Tonight’s Outlook

As the night falls, the temperature dips to -5°C. Light winds continue, but watch out for fog patches after midnight, creating a magical but cautious driving condition.

Tomorrow’s Weather

The sun reclaims the sky on January 28, promising a pleasant +1°C. The morning might start with some fog, and the wind chill could hit -11, so dress warmly for the early hours.

Historical Context

Today’s date holds records of extremes: a high of 2.2°C in 1989 and a bone-chilling low of -38.9°C in 1966.

Wardrobe Suggestions Layer up with warm, breathable clothes and don’t forget a hat and gloves for the morning chill. Consider lighter layers for the afternoon as the temperature rises slightly.

Weather Trivia Did you know? On January 27, 1956, Winnipeg experienced its greatest precipitation for this date, with 17.5 mm recorded.

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