Friday Forecast for Thunder Bay Mild with Moisture With Clouds and Flurries

Skating at Marina Park at Prince Arthur's Landing in Thunder Bay
Grab Your Skates! Skating at Marina Park at Prince Arthur's Landing in Thunder Bay

Today’s Weather in Thunder Bay

For January 26, 2024, Thunder Bay is experiencing cloudy skies with a 30 percent chance of flurries in the morning and early afternoon, along with a risk of freezing drizzle.

At 4:30 am in the downtown Port Arthur side it started snowing lightly but as of 6:45 that has stopped.

Winds are light, blowing at speeds up to 15 km/h.

The high for the day is expected to be plus 2°C, but with a wind chill of minus 5°C in the morning. The UV index is low at 1.

Tonight’s Forecast The cloudy conditions will continue into the night. The wind will remain at speeds of up to 15 km/h, and the temperature will drop to a low of minus 2°C, with the wind chill reaching near minus 4°C overnight.

Historical Weather Extremes

Thunder Bay has experienced a variety of weather extremes over the years. On January 25th, the highest temperature ever recorded was 1.8°C in 2024, while the lowest was a frigid -34.3°C in 2019. The greatest amount of precipitation recorded on this date was 2.4 mm in 2013, and the deepest snow on the ground was 50.0 cm in 2009​​.

Use of Barometer in Weather Forecasting

A barometer measures atmospheric pressure, a key factor in weather forecasting. High pressure typically indicates fair weather, while falling pressure can signal stormy weather.

Meteorologists use barometric trends alongside other data to predict weather changes. As of now, the specific barometric pressure for Thunder Bay is 102.1 kPa and rising. A stable or rising barometer means good weather, and a rapid decrease often precedes a storm.

Wardrobe and Safety Suggestions

Considering the cloudy weather and possible flurries, residents should dress warmly in layers and include a wind-resistant jacket. Hats, gloves, and scarves will provide additional protection against the chill. Footwear with good traction is advised to safely navigate slippery conditions.

Stay informed with the latest weather updates in Thunder Bay for a safe and comfortable day.

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