Toronto Weather Report: Foggy and Rainy Outlook

Weather Update Rain Boots and Umbrella

Current Weather in Toronto

As of the latest update from Toronto Pearson International Airport at 4:00 AM EST on Thursday, January 25, 2024, Toronto is experiencing mostly cloudy skies. The current temperature is a mild 1.5°C.

The barometric pressure stands at 102.0 kPa with a rising tendency. The humidity is extremely high at 99%, contributing to the foggy conditions.

The wind is blowing from the north at 10 km/h, offering some relief from the dampness. Visibility, however, is significantly reduced to 24 km due to the dense fog.

Thursday, January 25 Forecast

Toronto is under a fog advisory, with near-zero visibility expected in dense fog conditions continuing into the morning. Today’s forecast includes cloudy skies with a 40% chance of drizzle. Fog patches are likely to persist.

The wind will become easterly at 20 km/h by late afternoon. The high is expected to be around 4°C, with a low UV index of 1. During the night, the cloudiness continues, with a 40% chance of drizzle in the evening and periods of rain beginning near midnight.

Wind gusts could reach up to 40 km/h from the east. The temperature will remain steady near 5°C.

Wardrobe Suggestions

Given the foggy and rainy conditions, it is advisable to wear a waterproof jacket and carry an umbrella. Footwear that can handle wet conditions is also recommended. A light sweater or jacket should suffice for the mild temperatures.

Friday, January 26 Forecast

On Friday, the city will experience periods of rain with a high of 6°C. The night will remain cloudy with a low of 2°C. This indicates continued damp conditions, but slightly warmer temperatures compared to Thursday.

Weather Trivia

Toronto’s weather is influenced by its location on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario, which creates a milder climate than some other Canadian cities. However, this also leads to unpredictable weather patterns and rapid changes in conditions, such as sudden fog and rain.

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