Armstrong, Whitesand Winter Weather Update: January 16, 2024

Winter Weather Update

Frostbite Alert in Armstrong: Persistent Light Snow and Biting Cold

Mid-January Forecast: Navigating Through Snow and Severe Cold

Today’s Weather in Armstrong: Extreme Chill with Light Snow

Armstrong, Ontario – The community of Armstrong is experiencing a period of light snow, accompanied by a chilling wind from the west at 20 km/h, which will become lighter as the day progresses. The high for the day is forecasted to be -18°C. However, with the wind chill factored in, temperatures will feel as low as -38°C in the morning, improving slightly to -22°C in the afternoon.

Residents are warned about the risk of frostbite due to these extreme conditions.

Tonight’s Forecast: Continued Cold with Light Snow

The cold spell continues into the night in Armstrong with periods of light snow. The wind is expected to be gentle, up to 15 km/h, but the low temperature will plunge to -25°C. The wind chill in the evening will make it feel like -23°C, worsening to -30°C overnight. Again, there is a significant risk of frostbite, so residents should take extra precautions.

Forecast for Wednesday, January 17

The light snow is expected to end by the afternoon on January 17, giving way to mainly cloudy skies with a 40% chance of flurries. The wind will remain gentle, up to 15 km/h. Despite this, it’s going to be another cold day with a high of only -17°C. The wind chill will make it feel like -30°C in the morning and -24°C in the afternoon, maintaining the risk of frostbite.

Wednesday Night: Clear Skies

The night of January 17 will bring clear skies to Armstrong. However, the temperature will remain extremely low, dropping to -24°C. Residents should continue to stay vigilant against the cold.

Wardrobe Suggestions: Dress for Extreme Cold

Given the severe cold and wind chill, it is crucial to dress in layers. Start with a thermal base, add a fleece or wool sweater, and a wind-resistant, insulated outer layer. Cover all exposed skin with gloves, a warm hat, and a scarf to prevent frostbite. Insulated, waterproof boots are essential for walking in the snow.

Intriguing Weather Trivia: Armstrong’s Winter Extremes

Armstrong is no stranger to extreme winter weather, with records showing the lowest temperature reaching -42.8°C in 1979. These historic extremes underscore the importance of staying prepared and protected during the harsh winter months.

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