Whitesand and Armstrong Brace for Continued Cold and Flurries

Weather Update Moose in Snow
It is coming... Flurries expected... Stay tuned.

Wind Chill Poses Frostbite Risk in Sub-Freezing Temperatures

Today’s Forecast: Snow Ending but Cold Conditions Persist

WHITESAND & ARMSTRONG, ON – Residents in Whitesand and Armstrong are experiencing a very cold day with periods of snow ending this morning, leading to mainly cloudy skies. There’s a 40 percent chance of flurries throughout the day. Winds are coming from the northwest at 30 km/h, gusting to 50 km/h. The high for today is expected to be around -20°C, but the wind chill will be a factor, dropping to -37 this morning and -31 in the afternoon. There is a significant risk of frostbite under these conditions.

Evening and Overnight Forecast

Tonight’s weather in Whitesand and Armstrong will be partly cloudy with a 30 percent chance of flurries. The wind will shift to the west, maintaining its strength at 30 km/h and gusting up to 50 km/h. The temperature will plummet to a low of -28°C, with the wind chill making it feel like -32 in the evening and an even colder -41 overnight. The risk of frostbite remains high, and it could occur within minutes.

Monday’s Weather Outlook

Monday, January 15th, brings a mix of sun and cloud with a 30 percent chance of flurries. The wind will be from the west at 20 km/h but is expected to become lighter in the late afternoon. Despite a high of -20°C, the wind chill in the morning will be near -41, improving slightly to -29 in the afternoon. The risk of frostbite in such conditions is imminent, and precautions should be taken. The UV index will remain low at 1.

Monday Night

The night will be cloudy with a 40 percent chance of flurries. Temperatures are expected to drop to a low of -24°C.

Wardrobe Suggestions

In this extreme cold, residents should wear multiple layers, including a wind-resistant outer layer, thermal underwear, insulated boots, gloves, a hat, and a scarf to cover exposed skin and protect against frostbite.

Weather Trivia

Did you know? The lowest temperature ever recorded in Ontario was a bone-chilling -58°C in Iroquois Falls on January 23, 1935!

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