Kenora Endures Chilly Flurries and Light Snow: A Detailed Weather Outlook

Winter Weather Update

KENORA – WEATHER – In Kenora, residents are experiencing a mainly cloudy day with a 40 percent chance of flurries, presenting a typical winter scene. The wind, gentle at up to 15 km/h, accompanies the day’s chilly conditions. The high is expected to reach -11°C, but the wind chill makes the morning significantly colder at -22°C, slightly improving to -14°C in the afternoon. These conditions call for residents to bundle up and be prepared for sporadic snow flurries.

Tonight, Kenora will see periods of light snow, which are expected to end before the morning, followed by mainly cloudy skies. The wind continues at a steady pace of up to 15 km/h. The temperature will drop to a low of -15°C, with the wind chill making it feel like -16°C in the evening and dropping further to -21°C overnight.

Looking ahead to Tuesday, 9th January, the forecast suggests a cloudy day for Kenora. The wind will persist at up to 15 km/h. Despite the cloud cover, the high for the day is expected to be -12°C. In terms of wind chill, it’s going to feel like -21°C in the morning, becoming a bit milder at -15°C in the afternoon.

Tuesday night is predicted to be clear, but the temperature will drop to a low of -20°C, indicating another cold night ahead.

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