Weather Update: January 4, 2024: Armstrong and Whitesand Set for Colder Temperatures

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ARMSTRONG – WEATHER – Residents of Whitesand and Armstrong are experiencing -18°C temperatures with light snowfall to start the day. Thursday will see mixed skies, with a 40% chance of flurries in the morning and early afternoon.

The wind chill effect makes it crucial to dress warmly, as it feels like -27°C in the morning and -15°C in the afternoon.

Wardrobe Suggestions: For these frigid conditions, it’s essential to layer up. Start with a thermal base layer to retain body heat. Add a fleece or wool sweater for insulation, and top it with a windproof and waterproof outer layer. Don’t forget a hat, scarf, insulated gloves, and warm, waterproof boots. Layering is key to staying warm and allows you to adjust to changing indoor and outdoor temperatures.

Forecast Overview: Tonight, temperatures drop to -15°C, feeling like -22°C with the wind chill. Friday will be mainly cloudy with morning flurries and a high of -9°C. The weekend brings a mix of sun and cloud with a 60% chance of snow on Saturday and a high of -13°C.

Weather Trivia:

  • Did you know that the coldest temperature ever recorded in Canada was -63°C in Snag, Yukon, in 1947?
  • Snowflakes aren’t always unique: under certain conditions, identical snowflakes can form.
  • The “wind chill factor” was developed by Antarctic explorers Paul Siple and Charles Passel in 1945, measuring how quickly water froze in different conditions.
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