Smart Valve™ Slashes Astronomical Water Costs 15 to 35 Per Cent


Simple solutions are often the most effective ways to address complex problems. Examples of this abound, from diplomacy to science. One famous instance of simplicity saving the day — and saving lives — came far above the Earth, in April of 1970.

Apollo 13 was headed to the moon, with a plan to carry out the nation’s third moon landing in less than a year. When an oxygen tank exploded, the lunar journey became a struggle to save the crew and return them safely to Earth. Without the damaged oxygen tank, carbon dioxide was building up within the spacecraft.

The solution was basic, and relied on that most versatile of tools, duct tape. Together with a plastic bag, space suit hose and card stock, engineers in Houston devised a way to improvise a lithium hydroxide filter. The astronauts replicated the jury-rigged filter in the lunar module, where they had taken refuge. They dubbed the odd-looking filter “the mailbox.”

The rest is both scientific and cinematic history. Three lives were saved by the creative imagination of NASA engineers and a few unlikely items held together by that remarkable space-age invention, duct tape.

The story may not have much to do with managing water costs here on Earth, but it is one of many reasons to check out the Smart Valve™, an incredibly simple solution to water leaks that has many property managers wondering: Why didn’t anyone think of that before?

No matter the town or region, every property manager knows that already-elevated water costs are only going to climb higher. They also know that there are essentially two ways to meet this challenge: cut back on water use or add new efficiencies to existing water systems.

Smart Valve™ is the simple way to benefit from such high-value efficiencies. The Smart Valve™ attaches to an existing water system, generating estimated cost savings of 15 to 35 per cent. Distributed by Canadian Water Savings Inc., the device is currently being used by 20,000 owners and property managers in the U.S. and Canada.

For many hotels, restaurants, residential complexes, commercial buildings and retail properties, cash is literally leaking from inefficient infrastructures. With Smart Valve™, it is possible to save hundreds or thousands of dollars each month by adding efficiency to aging or overtaxed water systems.

As you would expect, the physics of the Smart Valve™ are simple. The device applies leading-edge technology: Whenever water flows through any faucet, air is mixed with the water. This happens naturally as a result of the turbulence created when water accelerates through pipes. This air adds volume to what is measured by water meters, driving up costs.

The Smart Valve™ removes air from the water system. It does this by creating back pressure that reduces turbulence, maintaining an even flow through the pipes. Without the air bubbles in the water, there’s less total volume for a water meter to measure.

Canadian Water Savings, Inc. offers myriad case studies that prove the point. In Toronto, for example, a condominium complex saved 28 per cent on its water bill in the first two months after installation of the Smart Valve™. That translated into a savings of nearly $2,000 on each monthly water bill. Efficiency actually increased over the first several months of use.

Canadian Water Savings Inc. adds reassurance to the process with this promise: If a customer doesn’t save at least 15 per cent on water costs, the company will remove the valve free of charge. That part is simple too, as the valve is easy to install. Smart Valve™ can be put in place quickly, with no hassle and zero interruption to a property’s water flow.

For more information on the Smart Valve™ log on to or call: 1.855.237.2669.


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