Snow Sprinkles and Shifting Skies: Sioux Lookout’s Weather Forecast

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Sioux Lookout’s Winter Waltz: From Light Snow to Clearing Nights

Sioux Lookout Weather Report – Wednesday, December 20

SIOUX LOOKOUT – WEATHER – Brrr, Sioux Lookout! Waking up to a frosty -14°C with a light snowfall sets the scene for a winter day in our town.

Today: We’re expecting a mix of sun and cloud after the early flurries. The wind is making a grand entrance from the east at 20 km/h later in the morning. Today’s high will hover around -12°C, but with a wind chill of -25°C this morning and -20°C in the afternoon, it’s time to layer up!

Tonight: The clouds are staying put, with a 40% chance of more flurries. The southeast wind continues at 20 km/h, dropping the temperature to -14°C. The wind chill will be lingering around -23°C. A perfect excuse for an extra blanket!

Wardrobe Suggestion: Your warmest parka and a snug beanie are the way to go today!

Thursday, December 21

Cloud cover dominates, along with a 40% chance of morning flurries and a risk of freezing drizzle. Sounds like a day to tread carefully!

Daytime: The south wind shifts to a lighter breeze in the afternoon, with temperatures rising to a high of zero (yes, you heard it right!). However, the morning wind chill will make it feel like a brisk -19°C.

Evening: The skies start to clear, with a low of -3°C. A peaceful night under the stars, perhaps?

Looking Ahead to Christmas Day

Hoping for a snowy Christmas scene? There’s a 30% chance of flurries mixed with sun and cloud, and a high of -4°C.

Wardrobe Suggestion: Bundle up in layers and don’t forget your gloves and scarf!

Weather Trivia: Did you know that the lightest snowflakes can take up to an hour to reach the ground? A gentle reminder of nature’s delicate touch in our winter weather.

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