Weather – Dryden and Vermilion Bay: A Swing from Frosty Mornings to Cloudy Evenings!

Dryden Weather Desk

Dryden and Vermilion Bay wake up to a chilly morning with temperatures rising to -2°C. However, with a wind chill near -11°C, it’s going to feel much colder. Time to layer up with thermal wear and a good quality windbreaker!

Thursday (14th Dec) Morning to Afternoon: The sun is out, but don’t be deceived by its warm glow. The temperature reaches a high of +4°C, yet the morning wind chill lingers at -7°C. Winds pick up speed, gusting up to 50 km/h. It’s a day for wind-resistant, warm outfits and maybe a hat to keep your ears snug.

Thursday Evening to Night: As the day winds down, cloudiness increases, and the wind calms, setting the stage for a cool evening with a low of -1°C. A light jacket or sweater would be perfect for evening strolls.

Friday (15th Dec): Friday brings cloudy skies with a 60% chance of rain showers or flurries and a high of +2°C. It’s a day to be prepared for anything – an umbrella, a waterproof jacket, and layers to adjust to the shifting weather.

Friday Night: The clouds linger, and the temperature dips to -7°C. If you’re out and about, keep yourself wrapped up in warm layers. A good night for indoor activities or a warm cup by the fireplace.

Wardrobe Suggestions:

  • Early Morning: Thermal layers, wind-resistant jacket, and warm headgear.
  • Thursday Afternoon: Comfortable layers with a light, windproof jacket.
  • Evening/Night: Cozy sweater or light jacket.
  • Friday: Waterproof outerwear and umbrella, with layers for temperature changes.

Weather Trivia:

Ever wonder why we sometimes get rain and flurries together? It’s all about the temperature layers in the atmosphere. If warm and cold layers mix just right, you get a delightful (or not so delightful) mix of both!

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