Toronto Weather: From Cold Start to a Mild and Sunny Day Ahead

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TORONTO – WEATHER – Travelling to Toronto? The NetNewsLedger Weather Desk has received requests to add Toronto to the daily weather reports.

In the heart of The Big Smoke, Toronto, the current temperature is -3°C as of 2:00 AM EST. Let’s take a look at the weather forecast for the coming days:

Wednesday Night

  • Partly Cloudy: The evening is expected to be partly cloudy, with a 30 percent chance of flurries. Residents can anticipate some cloud cover.
  • Winds Calming Down: The northwest wind, which is currently at 20 km/h, will become light in the evening.
  • Cool Night: Toronto can expect a low of minus 4°C overnight, with wind chill making it feel like minus 9°C.

Thursday, December 14, 2023

  • Sunny Outlook: Thursday’s weather forecast brings a sunny day to the city.
  • Wind Change: Winds will shift, becoming southwest at a speed of 20 km/h, with gusts reaching up to 40 km/h near noon.
  • Morning Chill: The morning may start with a chill, as wind chill values could make it feel as cold as minus 9°C.
  • Mild Day: Despite the morning chill, the day’s high will reach a comfortable 6°C, offering a break from the cold. The UV index is expected to be low, with a rating of 1.

Thursday Night

  • Clear Skies Persist: The night will continue with clear skies.
  • Winds Remain Gusty: Winds will maintain their strength, coming from the southwest at 20 km/h with gusts up to 40 km/h.
  • Warmer Night: Overnight temperatures will be on the mild side, with lows in the plus 3°C range.

Friday, December 15, 2023

  • Continued Sunshine: Friday’s forecast promises another day of sunshine.
  • Warmer Temperatures: The day’s high will climb to 8°C, offering Torontonians a pleasant and mild day.
  • Friday Night: Cloudy periods are expected overnight, with temperatures remaining above freezing at plus 2°C.

Toronto residents can look forward to a sunny and milder day on Thursday, providing relief from the recent cold. The night will be clear, and temperatures will remain relatively mild. Friday will bring continued sunshine and even warmer temperatures, making it a pleasant day to enjoy the city. Nighttime will see some cloudy periods, but temperatures will stay above freezing.

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