Kenora Weather Forecast: Sunny and Gradual Warming


As of 3:20 AM CST, Kenora is experiencing a chilly temperature of -13°C. Let’s dive into the weather outlook for Wednesday, December 13, 2023, and the following day:

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

  • Mainly Sunny: The day will start with abundant sunshine. Expect clear skies, making it a perfect day for outdoor activities.
  • Chilly Morning: The morning will be particularly cold, with a low of minus 13°C. The wind chill factor will be notable, reaching as low as minus 27°C.
  • Warming in the Afternoon: As the day progresses, temperatures will gradually rise, reaching a high of minus 4°C in the afternoon. While still cold, it will be significantly milder compared to the morning. The wind chill will improve as well, hovering around minus 12°C in the afternoon.
  • UV Index: The UV index is expected to be low, with a rating of 1.

Wednesday Night

  • Clearing Skies: Wednesday night will bring clearing skies, allowing for a starry view.
  • Continued Wind: Windy conditions persist, with southwest winds at 20 km/h gusting to 40, becoming light before morning.
  • Steady Temperatures: Overnight temperatures will remain steady, hovering near minus 1°C. The wind chill factor will be noticeable, reaching minus 12°C in the evening and minus 6°C overnight.

Thursday, December 14, 2023

  • Sunny: Thursday is expected to be a sunny day, with plenty of sunshine.
  • Warming Trend: Residents can look forward to a noticeable warming trend, with a high of plus 3°C.

Thursday Night

  • Cloudy Periods: Thursday night brings cloudy periods, which may partially obscure the night sky.
  • Warmer Night: The night will be notably warmer, with temperatures at or around the freezing point, reaching zero.

Kenora residents should make the most of the sunny but cold day on Wednesday. As temperatures gradually rise in the afternoon and into Thursday, it will become more comfortable for outdoor activities. However, the wind chill factor should still be considered, especially during the chilly morning hours.

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