Weather – Sioux Lookout: Cloudy with Snowfall Expected Later

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Snowy Conditions Anticipated for Sioux Lookout

Sioux Lookout: Residents of Sioux Lookout can expect cloudy conditions with the possibility of snowfall later in the day. Here’s the detailed forecast:

Current Conditions:

  • Temperature: The current temperature is minus 7°C at 4:10 AM CST.

Monday, December 11:

  • Cloudy with Light Snow: The day will be predominantly cloudy, with periods of light snowfall expected to begin in the afternoon.
  • High Temperature: The daytime high is forecasted to reach minus 5°C. However, it will feel considerably colder due to a morning wind chill of minus 17°C, improving to minus 12°C in the afternoon.
  • Winds: Winds will shift from the west, becoming west at 30 km/h, gusting to 50 in the morning.


  • Flurries and Blowing Snow: During the night, flurries are anticipated, accompanied by local blowing snow. There may be local accumulations of up to 2 cm of snow.
  • Winds: Winds will continue from the west at 30 km/h, gusting to 50.
  • Overnight Low: The temperature will drop to minus 12°C, with a wind chill of minus 12°C in the evening and a colder minus 22°C overnight.

Tuesday, December 12:

  • Mix of Sun and Cloud: Tuesday’s weather brings a mix of sun and clouds, along with a 40 percent chance of flurries.
  • High Temperature: The daytime high is expected to be minus 10°C.

Tuesday Night:

  • Clear Skies: Clear skies are in the forecast for Tuesday night.
  • Low Temperature: The overnight low will plummet to minus 20°C.

Weather Trivia: Did you know that wind chill can affect both humans and animals? Just as humans can experience frostbite and hypothermia due to low wind chill values, animals can also suffer from cold-related injuries. For instance, pets should be kept indoors during extreme cold, as their paws can be susceptible to frostbite. Similarly, livestock require shelter and extra care during cold weather to prevent discomfort and health issues.

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