Sioux Lookout Weather: Chilly with Flurries and Freezing Drizzle Ahead!

Winter Weather Update

A Chilly and Flurry-Filled Day Ahead

Current Conditions: Good morning, Sioux Lookout! It’s a chilly start to the day at -2°C as of 4:05 AM. Get ready for a day with wintry weather.

Daytime Forecast – Cloudy with Flurries and Freezing Drizzle: The day begins with cloudy skies and a 60 percent chance of flurries. There’s also a risk of freezing drizzle. The wind will be up to 15 km/h. Highs today will reach right around freezing at zero degrees. However, it will feel like minus 8°C in the morning due to the wind chill. Be cautious of slippery surfaces, and bundle up!

Nighttime – More Clouds, Flurries, and Freezing Drizzle: Monday night continues with cloudy conditions, a 40 percent chance of flurries, and a risk of freezing drizzle. The wind will remain up to 15 km/h, and lows will drop to minus 7°C. The wind chill will be around minus 3°C in the evening, dipping to minus 12°C overnight. Stay warm and safe!

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

A Mix of Sun and Clouds

Daytime – Partly Sunny and Cold: Tuesday brings a mix of sun and clouds with highs reaching minus 5°C. It’s still chilly, so layer up before heading out.

Night – Clear and Cold: The night will be clear with a low of minus 10°C. Don’t forget those extra blankets to keep warm!

Wardrobe Suggestions

Dress warmly to combat the cold! Begin with thermal clothing, add a winter jacket, a cozy scarf, and insulated boots. Ensure you have gloves and a warm hat to protect against the chill. Be mindful of slippery conditions due to the potential freezing drizzle.

Weather Trivia: Freezing drizzle forms when supercooled water droplets freeze upon contact with surfaces, creating a thin layer of ice. It can make roads and walkways dangerously slippery, so take extra care if you encounter freezing drizzle!

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