Conspiracy Theories Gain Traction: Poll Results Show Surprising Beliefs

Newspaper coverage
Newspaper coverage

In a revelation that may sound like the plot of a science fiction novel, a new poll indicates that a significant portion of Canadians and Americans hold beliefs in various conspiracy theories. From the flat Earth theory to the denial of the moon landings, these controversial ideas are surprisingly prevalent in the public mind.

Canadians and Americans both seem to believe that the mainstream media is manipulating the news. Fifty-five per cent of Canadian respondents and 67 per cent of American ones say they believe this conspiracy theory. Another 10 per cent of Canadian survey participants said they don’t know.

Flat Earth and Moon Landing Hoaxes: A Minority’s Belief

According to the poll, conducted by the Leger firm, about 5% of Canadians identify as flat-earthers, while 11% believe that the 1969 moon landings were a hoax. This sentiment is not confined to these topics; a broader range of conspiracy theories also finds substantial belief among the populace.

Alien Contact and Government Secrecy

A striking one-third of respondents are convinced that governments are concealing evidence of alien contact. This belief in extraterrestrial cover-ups echoes a longstanding theme in conspiracy theories.

Methodology and Related Stories

The poll, which surveyed 1,529 Canadian adults and 1,011 Americans, explored beliefs in several popular conspiracy theories. It’s important to note that online surveys like this one do not have a margin of error due to their non-random nature. Related stories have delved into the impact of conspiracy theories on public health, politics, and social issues.

Widespread Belief in Conspiracies

A significant 79% of Canadians and 84% of Americans surveyed admitted to believing in at least one conspiracy theory mentioned in the poll. Interestingly, conservative-leaning voters showed a higher tendency to believe in these theories.

Climate Change Denial and Media Manipulation

The survey also highlighted beliefs in climate change denial and media manipulation. A notable portion of American respondents doubted the existence of global warming, and a majority in both countries believed in media manipulation of information.

JFK Assassination and Princess Diana’s Death

Other prominent theories include cover-ups regarding John F. Kennedy’s assassination and Princess Diana’s death, with many respondents doubting the official accounts of these events.

Cancer Cure, COVID-19, and Vaccine Skepticism

Further, the survey revealed beliefs in hidden cancer cures, the lab creation of COVID-19, and government dishonesty about vaccine safety. These beliefs indicate a deep mistrust in scientific and governmental institutions.

Political Trends and Regional Differences

The survey results also shed light on political and regional variations in belief in these conspiracy theories. Conservative voters, in particular, showed higher levels of belief across various theories. Regional breakdowns indicated specific beliefs more prevalent in certain areas, such as the belief in a secret global elite or feminist strategies for societal control.

This survey paints a picture of a society deeply divided and influenced by controversial beliefs, revealing the extent to which conspiracy theories have penetrated public consciousness in North America.

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