Pathway Project Gets Started in Dryden

City of Dryden

DRYDEN – NEWS – The Dryden Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) has introduced a significant initiative known as the Pathway Project. This innovative program is a collaborative effort between the OPP and Adult & Teen Challenge, designed to assist individuals struggling with addiction in Dryden and the surrounding communities.

The Pathway Project operates on a co-response model, pairing an Addiction Specialist who has personal experience with addiction with an OPP officer. Together, they intervene in the lives of those battling addiction, setting the stage for success by providing robust and holistic transitional care. This program is made possible through a network of community partners, including Adult & Teen Challenge, The City of Dryden, The Dryden Regional Health Centre, Kenora District Services Board, The Dryden Native Friendship Centre, Ministry of the Solicitor General, Community Living Dryden – Sioux Lookout, and treatment facilities across the country.

The Pathway Project, which launched in April 2023, has already shown its effectiveness by reducing OPP calls for service related to Pathway Clients by an average of 44%. This remarkable success underscores the importance of community collaboration in addressing addiction issues and helping individuals on their path to recovery.

Dryden’s commitment to this comprehensive approach serves as a model for other communities looking to tackle addiction-related challenges. By fostering a community of rehabilitation and support, Dryden aims to demonstrate that recovery is possible, offering hope and healing to those in need.

For individuals or communities struggling with addiction or those interested in becoming treatment partners, more information is available on the official Pathway Project website at

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