Top Tips for Canadian Poker Players to Dominate the Game

Poler Hand

If you’re a Canadian player stepping into the world of online casinos for the first time, here is what you need to know to dominate the game. Whether you’re playing at a game night with friends or at one of the thriving new online casinos in Ontario, this is the guide for you to look into.

Don’t play so many hands, but do play aggressively

A common mistake made by fresh poker players is playing too many hands. In reality, the old adage of quantity over quality also applies to poker. Don’t get wrapped up in the excitement of the game, and play your cards at every opportunity. Rather, be selective and move forward when you have a strong starting-out hand. If you play every 7/2 off-suit hand, you’ll quickly go broke calling into losing flops and never get a chance to play pocket aces.

Furthermore, when you do have a strong hand, don’t shy away from an aggressive approach. Through betting, raising and putting pressure on your opponents, you can maximize the potential of the hands that you play.

When you have a strong hand, play fast to build the pot

When you’re lucky enough to start out with a strong hand, make sure to play fast and work towards building the pot. By betting and raising and doing it again, you raise the stakes and the expense for your opponents. Not only does this sweeten your potential winnings, but it also forces those with weaker hands or lesser reserves to drop out early.

At the same time, balance this aggressive approach with deceptive starts to lure your opponents in. You don’t want to come out guns blazing and intimidate your opponents to the point that the pot remains empty.

When you have the right hand, defend your big blinds

In poker, many players are quick to fold their big blinds. This allows opponents to steal the pot without much resistance. However, your big blind is your money. When appropriate, defend your big blinds by playing these rounds to win.

Read your opponents’ patterns and strategy

If you’re a people person, then good news: the odds are stacked in your favor in a poker game. A key skill in poker is being able to read your opponents. Try to discern their patterns and their strategy. Are they a big bluffer? Or do they scam you with low bets when they have a strong hand? Have they also read this guide and are following the same tips? Whether you are playing in person or at a live dealer online casino platform, reading your opponents will give you a competitive edge.

Memorize poker charts

When you’re not at the table, you can do quite a few things to improve your overall game. One of those is memorizing poker charts. Poker charts are readily available online and vary in what they show, but they mostly tell you hands you should be folding, calling, and raising with pre-flop.

Pre-flop can be one of the most important moments in poker, as many hands are lost and won right then and there. Knowing that you should always raise with A/K or simply call with pocket 6s can make the difference between busting out early and going home with more than you bought in with. Some of it might seem obvious depending on how long you’ve been playing, but there are quite a few tricky situations that you might not be familiar with.

Understanding game theory optimal (GTO)

GTO, on the other hand, is something that can’t just be learned by studying an online chart. GTO is the idea that you play poker so perfectly that your opponents are unable to gain leverage against you and can only make mistakes themselves. It sounds magical, and that’s because it is.

GTO requires years of experience and constant immersion in the world of poker. You can gain a better understanding of GTO by watching professional players explain the reasoning and thoughts behind their decisions at the table, as well as analyze your own hands and actions. Consider where you might have made a mistake, if you were right in calling your opponent down and if there was any way you could have played the hand better.

In conclusion, if you’re a Canadian player and you want to dominate your opponents in poker, these top tips will help you on your mission. Good luck!


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