Living it Up in Thunder Bay for a Family Weekend!

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Thunder Bay – LIVING – As we welcome another weekend in Thunder Bay on November 25th, the brisk winter air brings unique opportunities for family fun. With kids eagerly anticipating a break from school, planning activities that embrace the season’s charm while keeping everyone engaged can be a delightful adventure.

From outdoor activities to cozy indoor pastimes, here’s a guide to ensure your family enjoys a memorable and joyful weekend in Thunder Bay.

Try this: Screen Free Hour. Take all the electronic devices and put them away for a couple of hours. Let good old-fashioned family conversation happen for a change!

1. Embracing the Winter Outdoors

  • Skiing at Mount Baldy: Take advantage of Thunder Bay’s winter wonderland by hitting the slopes at Mount Baldy. Whether you’re beginners, or seasoned skiers, the thrill of skiing is unmatched.
  • Walking Adventures: Explore the landscape of local parks like Trowbridge Falls or Centennial Park with a daytime expedition. It’s a great way to experience nature in its winter garb.
  • Prince Arthur’s Landing: Take the family for a walk along the paths at Marina Park.

2. Cozy Indoor Activities

  • Thunder Bay Museum Visit: Discover local history and culture at the Thunder Bay Museum. Their family-friendly exhibits are both informative and engaging.
  • Check out The Hub: There is another of the wild and fun Pop-up Markets at the Hub on Victoria Avenue in downtown Fort William. Check it out and see what Christmas gifts you can find.
  • Cooking with a Canadian Twist: Spend time in the kitchen making classic Canadian dishes like poutine or butter tarts, turning cooking into a fun and educational activity.
  • Crafting and Hot Cocoa: After a day in the cold, warm up with some hot cocoa and a crafting session. Create winter-themed crafts like snowflake cutouts or homemade ornaments.

3. Educational and Cultural Exploration

  • Goods & Co. in the Waterfront District: There is always something to do and see at Goods & Co. Taking in the art in the gallery and then stop by the Sugar Shack to top up the kids tastebuds with some extra energy.

4. Community and Seasonal Events

  • Winter Markets: Check out local winter markets for unique crafts and foods. It’s a great way to support local artisans and find some holiday gifts.

5. At-Home Winter Fun

  • Family Movie Night with a Winter Theme: Choose winter or holiday-themed movies, complete with blankets and your favourite snacks. Be sure to check out our Popcorn article for some new twists on this traditional snack.

Conclusion Winter in Thunder Bay offers a distinct and magical setting for a family weekend. From outdoor adventures to cozy indoor gatherings, there’s something to satisfy every family member’s interest. Remember, the key to a wonderful weekend is enjoying each other’s company and making the most of the unique experiences Thunder Bay’s winter season offers. Bundle up, stay warm, and here’s to a weekend full of laughter, warmth, and family bonding in Thunder Bay!

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