Israel Agrees to Temporary Cease-Fire with Hamas, Links Extension to Hostage Release


In a significant development towards ending weeks of intense conflict, the Israeli Cabinet has agreed to a temporary cease-fire with Hamas. This agreement, aimed at bringing a pause to the prolonged hostilities that have ravaged the region for over six weeks, includes a noteworthy condition set by Israel.

As per the terms of the cease-fire, Hamas has committed to releasing 50 hostages from the approximately 240 they are reportedly holding in the Gaza Strip.

This release process is scheduled to take place over a span of four days, according to a statement released by the Israeli government on Wednesday.

In a move to encourage compliance, Israel has offered to extend the cease-fire period by an additional day for every group of 10 hostages that are freed.

The decision came ahead of a crucial Cabinet vote on Wednesday morning.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a statement before the vote, declared that Israel is prepared to recommence its military actions against Hamas if the terms of the cease-fire are not adhered to following its expiration. This decision marks a critical juncture in the ongoing conflict, reflecting a complex interplay of diplomacy and military strategy in the region.

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