Mikia Aivaze: Bridging the Gap Between Corporate Catering and Authentic Italian Flavors

The antipasti station at an Autogrill in Italy. Credit: Copyright 2016 Terra Brockman
The antipasti station at an Autogrill in Italy. Credit: Copyright 2016 Terra Brockman

Compton, historically celebrated as the cradle of rap music, resonates with the beats of legends like N.W.A. and Kendrick Lamar. Amid this vibrant cultural backdrop, Ferraro’s on the Hill, an outstanding Italian restaurant, adds its own unique flavor.

Led by CEO Mikia Aivaze, it introduces a fusion of Italian culinary excellence in a locale renowned  for its dynamic music scene.

“Ferraro’s commitment is to deliver a culinary experience that evokes lasting memories,” Aivaze shares, reflecting on the contrast of serving Italian cuisine in a place deeply rooted in hip-hop culture. With clientele including the likes of the Los Angeles Clippers, the Los Angeles Galaxy, and corporations such as Uber and Amazon, the restaurant has garnered quite a reputation for itself.

The story behind Ferraro’s rise in South LA is as engaging as the city’s rich musical taste. Back in 2012, Aivaze’s family took over the struggling restaurant, seeking a new direction. It was then that a young Aivaze entered the picture, with an innovative plan: approaching corporations with catering proposals. Fast forward to today, catering now contributes to about 80% of Ferraro’s earnings.

The bond between Aivaze and his team is not just professional; it’s deeply personal. Reflecting the community spirit of Compton, he views his team as extended family, embodying the collaborative spirit that’s reminiscent of the city’s musical collaborations.

In 2019, aiming to strike a chord with a broader audience, Ferraro’s began offering gift cards at local Sam’s Clubs. Aivaze’s ambition for the future is clear-cut: “Our primary goal is expanding our corporate catering services,” he states. Although their digital footprint on platforms like Instagram and Facebook may be modest, the impact of their community engagement resonates deeply.

Ferraro’s on the Hill epitomizes the fusion of culture and cuisine. Just as Compton has given the world iconic rap anthems, this restaurant offers a unique blend of flavors. Melding the city’s rhythmic legacy with Italian culinary traditions, Ferraro’s stands as a testament to the magic that can happen when diverse worlds collide. As the city’s beats continue to inspire, Ferraro’s serves as a reminder that Compton’s heart pulses with more than just music — it’s a hub of diverse passions, tastes, and stories.

To experience the fusion of flavors that Ferraro’s offers, visit their website. For a visual feast of their delectable creations, follow them on Instagram or connect on Facebook.

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