Drake Tigges: Beyond the Music, Charting New Territory in Digital Entrepreneurship


Nashville may be renowned for its rich tapestry of music and culture, but beneath its melodic exterior, business mavens like Drake Tigges are orchestrating a new era of digital enterprise. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Drake, whose initial roots in commercial real estate and subsequent foray into the music domain has set the stage for a grander symphony in the world of digital marketing and e-commerce.

Drake’s journey, a blend of real estate prowess and a pulse on digital trends, offers a fresh perspective on modern entrepreneurship. “My foundation in real estate with my family was instrumental. But as the digital age dawned, I felt the allure of the virtual marketplaces and the untapped potential they held,” Drake explained.

Describing his current venture, Drake’s enthusiasm was palpable. “We’re in the age of brand scalability. My goal now is to demystify the world of social media for businesses. To carve out a digital space for them and teach strategies that don’t just promote growth but sustain it.” With this focus, Drake’s firm stands as a beacon for brands looking to navigate the intricate web of online marketing.

When questioned about his distinct edge in this crowded industry, he emphasized the depth of his connections. “A decade in the field has allowed me to cultivate relationships that stand the test of time. It’s these relationships, coupled with a keen understanding of client needs, that sets us apart.”

Starting a business, especially at a tender age of 18, wasn’t without its pitfalls. “Being young in a field teeming with competitors was tough. I knew I had the chops, but I had to carve out a niche, to prove my mettle,” Drake reflected. It was through fostering genuine partnerships and focusing on a targeted client base that Drake transformed challenges into stepping stones.

His insights into business growth were particularly enlightening. “The digital landscape is like a river, always flowing, always changing. Our success lies in not just riding the wave but understanding its undercurrents. From my early days of charging minimal fees to managing hefty contracts now, understanding and adapting to these changes has been crucial.”

Looking to the future, Drake’s vision is clear and expansive. “With a successful past in entertainment, I’m now steering towards comprehensive digital outreach. Our aim is to simplify the digital realm for businesses, especially in these times where the online presence is not just beneficial but essential.” The launch of master classes stands testimony to this vision, with modules designed to impart effective social media habits and strategies.

Concluding our conversation, I sought a nugget of wisdom for aspiring digital entrepreneurs. Drake’s advice was astute, “Find your niche, master it, and remember that in the digital world, change is the only constant.”

For businesses or individuals yearning for a digital transformation, Drake Tigges is emerging as the go-to maestro. Beyond the rhythms of Nashville’s music scene, he’s composing a digital anthem that promises to echo far and wide in the corridors of e-commerce and online branding.

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